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Pubcom is alive... I pray

Okay. The Dormwatch online is up and running. That's something to be happy about, but we're greatly undermanned. I'm a bit guilty here because I haven't been praying much about it (Sorry, Lord).

Anyway, I praise God for all those who have committed their service. I praise God for the Ilang ladies. They're pubcom's eyes and ears in IlCF. Thanks Darlene and Charis. I'll be teaching Charis news writing in a few weeks.

I also praise God for Ate Jak. Thanks Ate Jak. I really appreciate her motherly aura. She's fun to be with. Hehehe... Molave's covered because Ate Jack volunteered to be the eyes and ears of pubcom in MCM. I'm amazed at her dedication considering that she's no longer an official dormer now.

I praise God for Jet and Dado for their willingness to learn. I'm still praying for Kem. At the moment he's my pub frustration... WAAAAAAAA!!!! Kempoy you're undoubtedly the most talented person in our batch. Hehehe... Anyway. I praise God for the people in Yakal.

I also learned from Del that Kuya Rem is now Yakal's pub externals. I haven't talked to him yet. I don't know what to say. I know how heavy Kuya Rem's sem is so I'm planning to make arrangements to accommodate his schedule.

I praise God for I'm in Ipil, though, sometimes, I get all mel and stuff. It's still a lonely dormitory compared to Yakal but I'm learning to love it. I actually feel sad because my close friends are not with me. I still don't know if they understand the feeling of being detached. But they'll do inevitably especially when we're already working in different places.

I'm praying for Maynard and Tim and Mark (a freshman). They can help me cover ICF.

There's no problem in KalCF. Our batch is actually concentrated in this fellowship. But I'm still praying for dedicated writers foe Kalai. I'm praying for Tina and perhaps a freshman from Kalai. I'm entrusting these young ones to God.

Kamia and Sampa are being revived right now. I'm not sure how to get help from the DCFers there, but I'm praying for Ate Janet or Ate Zerah.

Pub is really a very vital committee. I'm wondering why in DCF it's one of the most neglected. I'm a bit frustrated, honestly, but I'll be praying about pub. It's official. From this day until next Sunday, I will be on an intensified prayer time for publicity. I'll be encouraging our members to pray with me. Pub is a work in progress. I know God will help us. Praise Him.
The link on top will lead you to Dormwatch's website. See you there.
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