From UP Diliman to the Mall of Asia (MOA)

My friends know that I am a disaster when it comes to commuting. I'm entirely dependent on other people whenever I need to go to a new place in the metropolis. Though I've been living in Quezon City for almost six years now, I have yet to memorize how to commute from one place to another.

Last weekend-- believe it or not-- I went to the Mall of Asia for the first time. Knowing that it's way down south made me reluctant to visit the third largest mall in Asia all these years. Just thinking of the heat and the smoke in the busy streets of the city drains my enthusiasm. But last Friday, I went to MOA to meet with my family for a weekend of bonding.

I've decided to put this up as a maiden post for the public service section of my blog. It may seem silly but I know several people like me who fail in commuting. So, here's how you get to MOA from the UP Diliman Campus:

1. From UP, ride any jeepney going to Pantranco. This costs Php 11.00  Get off at the Quezon Avenue Station of the MRT.
2. At MRT Q-Ave, buy a ticket going to the last station in Taft. Make sure that you're in the South-bound lane of the station. This costs Php 15.00. Q-Ave to Taft takes about 30 minutes.
3. When you reach Taft, you will see a jeepney terminal near the stairs. The jeepneys don't look like the traditional Sarao brand, but look more like multicabs. You'll hear barkers calling out their routes which includes the Mall of Asia. This rides costs Php 8.00
4. The multicab will drop you off at MOA. You know you're there when you see a giant globe and the facade of a huge building bearing the sign, "Mall of Asia."
5. The entire trip from UP to MOA takes about an hour and a half one way depending on the traffic condition and the number of passengers waiting at MRT Q-Ave. It costs Php 34.00 total.

Just follow these steps in reverse order to go back to UP. Take note that there jeepneys below the Q-Ave station that go directly to the campus.

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  1. What if I came from Santolan? I haven't tried to go to this biggest mall in Philippines and I want to try by my self.

  2. You can try going to Santolan Annapolis Station and go to the last Station of MRT (Southbound). Same instructions apply from there on :)