Sharing Christ in Sorsogon National Highschool

It's been a month since we went to Bibincahan, Sorsogon for our annual Misions Trip. I'm now having difficulty recalling all the experiences we had as I type away a story about our campus evangelism.

What struck me in our day-long campus evangelism was the great number of students in Sorsogon National High School. We were only 30 in the team and there were more than five thousand students on campus.

This fact dawned on me while I was sharing to three students at the school's stage. It was a high platform, giving me a good view of most of the quadrangle. When the bell rang to signal the noon break, hoards of students came out of their classes to the playground.

From where I sat, I saw how our team-- wearing blue shirts-- dissolved in a sea of white uniforms. At that moment, I remembered Jesus' words in Matthew 9:37-38, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." I felt how few we were compared to the students who have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus.

Interestingly, Ate Flor, a deaconess at our church in DCBC, commented on how big our group was before we left for the Missions Trip. I thought she was right until I saw the students in the campus where we were sharing.

We did our best to share Jesus in the limited time we had. Until now, I consider it purely grace and Divine intervention that we were allowed to share inside the classrooms and in the school grounds. We went there without any letter of request or any appointment whatsoever. But everything flowed smoothly from the guard,  to the principal, down to the teachers in the classrooms.

Lads passionately shares Jesus among students resting under a tree.
I was a bit nervous when Kuya Caloy asked me to talk to the principal with Marvee and Lads. I didn't know what to tell her. I quietly prayed as we were directed to her office. When we entered, instead of a strong-willed school head, we were greeted by a soft-spoken and mild-mannered lady who immediately referred us to another school official with approval.

I couldn't even remember what I told her now. I think it was something about youth outreach, faith and a brief introduction of the True Love Waits seminar. I repeated this to three more school officials until we were finally given the go signal to enter.

Anthony talks about Jesus in a seniors class.
The values coordinator directed us to rooms where we can conduct simple evangelistic programs. Some classrooms could not accommodate us because of ongoing exams. During our group devotions in the afternoon, several team members shared how the Lord gave them courage to speak in front of a mixed crowd. There were attentive students and unruly ones, but our joy is the opportunity to sow seeds of the Gospel in their hearts.

At least one group shared about a teacher who scolded them. Because he was late, he was surprised to find students talking in his class. Though the teacher gave them a fright, the team kept their cool and said sorry afterwards. It was their closest experience of persecution for Jesus.

Rabee easily attracts students to listen to the Gospel.
Some shared in the open field. And because I was busy coordinating the classroom evangelism, I joined those who shared in the quadrangle instead. I was able to talk to at least three groups of students. The most memorable was the trio who sat on the stage. I couldn't find my list now where I wrote down their names, but I couldn't forget the encounter because of the wonderful conversation we had.

I know that the three understood the Gospel because of the answers they gave to my questions. I painstakingly explained about sin and our utter inability to cleanse ourselves through our own merit. When I challenged them to think of how they can cleanse themselves of all their sins, past, present and future, they couldn't give me a definitive answer.

They had some ideas but they admitted that they weren't sure if their answers were enough. It was at that moment when I introduced them to Jesus as God's only provision for the cleansing and forgiveness of sins. And I told them that whenever they look at the cross, they should remember how someone chose to take our place.

"We should be the ones hanging on our crosses because of our sins," I emphasized, "But because of God's great love, He sent Jesus as substitute to fulfill His justice."

Then, I asked them if they were sure of their relationship with Christ. Pointing to their hearts, I said that if they believed that Jesus could cleanse them and they trusted Him as Lord and Savior, then they would have a relationship with Him.

"Do you understand this?" I asked. One by one I saw them nod. Then I extended the invitation for them to put their faith in Jesus and to repent of their sins. We all prayed and I asked the Lord to honor their prayers.

Only God knows the genuineness of their confessions. As an evangelist, my duty is to proclaim Christ, but only God can regenerate people's hearts. This is my hope and joy... that God is actively pursuing people to turn to Jesus.

I wasn't able to finish the day-long campus evangelism because I needed to run to the bank to withdraw additional funds for the team. Though I left earlier, I was at peace knowing that the rest of the team was continuing to share Jesus.

As I rode a tricycle with Charm, I prayed that each of us would bring back the passion and zeal for the Gospel in our own campuses. One pastor once said, "Evangelism is caught and not taught." Most often than not, Christians need exposure to soul-winning to get them started. All the methods and tools are great but actually sharing Jesus is a far more effective way of growing in evangelism.

For us in DCF, I thank God because after the trip, I've seen an increased desire to do stranger and relationship evangelism. I continue to pray that more of us will respond and be among God's workers in His ripe harvest field.

Rachel engages students as she talks about the Good News.

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  1. Galing, Kuya Pau! My church here in Dipolog is also trying to reach out to the different schools in the area. I pray and hope that our endeavors result in changed hearts and true transformation. God bless, Kuya Pau! I wish I was there to witness this... But apparently, God has different plans for me.


  2. Galing Kuya Pau! I wish I was at least there to witness your evangelism... But apparently, God has different plans for me.

    Our church is also trying to penetrate the different schools here in Dipolog and change hearts and plant seeds of true transformation, so I am very encouraged by your post.

    However, the workers are few indeed.

    Still, I remain ever hopeful. ^^


  3. Let's pray for our ministries Ren! :) We miss you here! :)