(1 Kings 18:20-40) Praying for an Encounter with God


What can we learn from Elijah's confident prayer against the prophets of Baal? And what does his example teach us about praying for unbelievers?

In this message, may God grant us the same heart as Elijah and pray while we pray, "Lord, make Yourself known personally and powerfully in people’s lives so that unbelievers will be drawn to You and believers will deepen in their walk with You."

Here is the outline of the message:

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(Luke 9:57-62) Three Demands of Obedience

Obedience is a heavy word. But often, we speak of it flippantly, forgetting that it demands much from us, even our very lives. This is especially true when we speak of obedience to Christ. In this sermon, we will hear about three demands of obedience based on Luke 9:57-62. May God grant us willing hearts to embrace and practice these demands:

1. Obedience demands sacrifice (vv. 57-58)

2. Obedience demands immediacy (vv. 59-60)

3. Obedience demands commitments (vv. 61-62)

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Here is the outline of the message:

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(Luke 9:57-62) Ang Katotohanan sa Pagsunod kay Kristo

 Sa mensaheng ito ay ating makikita ang katotohanan tungkol sa pagsunod o pagiging disipulo ni Hesus. Mainam na balikan ang mga katotohanang ito upang makapagmuni-muni tayo patungkol sa ating relasyon kay Hesus at pananampalataya sa Kaniya.

Tatlong bagay ang matututunan natin tungkol sa pagsunod:

1. Huwag asahang madali ang pagsunod kay Kristo (vv. 57-58)
2. Huwag ipagpaliban ang pagsunod kay Kristo (vv. 59-60)
3. Huwag palilihis sa pagsunod kay Kristo (vv. 61-62)

Mapapakinggan po natin ang mensahe rito:

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Narito po ang outline ng mensahe:

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(Luke 22:39-46) Jesus' Prayer in the Midst of Struggle

Today’s passage brings us nearer to the culmination of the Passion Week where our Lord is about to face the cross. But before the physical sufferings, the beatings, scourging, mocking, crowning, crucifixion and death, everything started with His private struggle in a garden in Jerusalem.

Let us learn about the powerful narrative of Jesus’ struggles in Gethsemane as we learn truths about prayer. Let us learn from the narrative how Jesus was able to face the cross with peace in His heart.

We'll do this by looking at four scenes of struggle that will teach us three truths about prayer:

Four Scenes of Struggle
1. The Summons (vv. 39-40)
2. The Struggle and Surrender (vv. 41-42)
3. The Strengthening amid Suffering (vv. 43-44)
4. The Scolding of the Apostles (vv. 45-46)

Three Truths about Prayer
1. Prayer as a weapon against temptation
2. Prayer as a sign of humility and submission
3. Prayer brings comfort in suffering 

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