Andrew’s First

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(John 1: 35-42) 

Many people are called but very few respond. There are even fewer who take the initiative to seek. Those who do, however, are blessed for in going against the waves, they find the Truth in a world of lies.

 Such is the case for the Apostle Andrew, son of a man named John (John 1:42, also Jonah in Mat. 16:17). It is easy for one to see his hunger for answers. Who is the Messiah? Who is the Savior? Is the Christ already among us? These are probably questions running in his mind, and they move him to seek answers. 

We can see from John 1:37 and 40 that Andrew is a disciple of John the Baptist. This discipleship proves his initiative to seek out the truth, for during that time, John the Baptist has proclaimed that the Christ is already among them. Who else can answer Andrew’s questions better than the very man who testifies concerning the Savior? 

In John 1:36, John proclaimed that Jesus is “The Lamb of God.” Upon hearing this, we can just imagine the lead Andrew saw and the excitement he felt. In his mind he might have thought, “This man, Jesus, is the answer to all my questions. I need to talk to him.” Talk to Jesus, he did, and he had all the time to do it. Now, what happened in their conversation, we can only guess. However, it is certain that Jesus, talking to Andrew and answering his questions, has quenched a seeker’s thirst for the truth. 

Andrew’s attitude after the encounter is like that of a blind who can now see, a deaf who can now hear, a spirit that is renewed. John 1:41 tells us that Andrew did not stop after finding his answers. Instead, he eagerly and boldly shared the Truth to his brother Simon. His words were short, but they contained everything Simon needed to know—“We have found the Messiah.” 

Andrew was among the first apostles because he was hungry for the Truth. He set out to find the answer to his questions. Little did he expect that the grace of God was working behind it all-- his hunger, curiosity, questions. The Truth told him about the truth. After realizing who Jesus was, Andrew’s testimony brought his brother, Simon Peter, to the faith. He was once confused and lost, but the truth made him bold for Christ, immediately sharing Him to other people.

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