Prayer Seven

My Lord and God,

I was weary and you gave me rest. I was in pain and you comforted me. I shed tears and you wiped them with you hands. I was lost and you led me back. I was confused and you enlightened me. I almost gave up but you encouraged me. I am a sinner but your love and your grace have saved me.

Father, through all the struggles, I thank you for you are faithful. The hurts are now strengths. The doubts are now certainties. You have rescued me, Father, and my heart overflows in joy and humility.

My Lord, I lift up to you a pained heart and a confused soul. You know what's best for my deepest brother in faith. You have created him for your glory. May the hurts and trials he is facing now give him lessons of trust and faith. May you teach him to cling to you alone, Father, to die of this world and live in you. May you give him a discerning heart and sensitive ears to understand your plans for him. Use this opportunity, Lord, to show him that you are above all, and your plans, though unfathomable by human minds, lead to what is best.

I lift up to you the silent concerns, unnamed troubles and secret fears of my deepest brother in faith. Remind him, Lord, of his strength that comes from you. Make in him a new heart, and cleanse him so that he may be as white as snow. Lead him, Lord. Guide him, and make him feel your overflowing love, mercy and grace.

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