It's my birthday's eve and I'm kinda depressed. Hahahaha.... I know why but I'm not telling you. Anyway. I think this is what they call the pre-birthday syndrome. (^_^) But you know the secret to a smile? Pray. Tell your Lord all your worries and pains. And before you know it, they're gone.
I should be thinking happy thoughts right now, because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY. (^_^)


I thank you for the gift of life. I praise you for nineteen years of joy, pain and learning. I lift up to you all that I am. I offer you my strengths and my weaknesses, my achievements and failures.
Thank you, Father. (^_^)

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  2. depressed? kaya pala tulala ka kanina sa may ipil...
    ilang oras na lang... hapi bertdey pau! ~rem