They Come and Go

It is unfair to force people to stay. After all, this is a world of hellos and goodbyes. People come into your life, and people leave. It is a cycle that starts the moment you realize you are not alone, that you can never be alone.

Some people stay long enough for you to love them, long enough for you to cherish them. They are the people you do not want to leave. But it is a different story if they want to stay. Inevitably, you will learn to let go no matter how painful, no matter how unfair it is for you.

But changes are necessary for growth. God plucks you out of your comfort zones and places you in situations you never imagined to teach you. You will surely cry and grieve to your knees. You will ask for death-- the end of everything. You will strip yourself off with pride, revealing your vulnerabilities before Him who is Love.

Yet, in humbling yourself He will exalt you. In your pain, you will realize He is your comfort.

How painful it is to be left alone again. Just when I thought I am loved, I am quickly proven wrong. I pray for peace, Lord-- peace that comes not from this world but from you and you alone.
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