I pause for a while in prayer....

Oh Lord,

I thank you for your Love. I praise you for you are in control. You continue to surprise me; you give me joy in my sadness.

Father, what more can I ask now that I have you?

Forgive me for sometimes I stray. Forgive me for my heart is still unforgiving, still unyeilding. Lord, teach me to Love people more. Teach me to live a life that is truly pleasing to you. Teach me to live out my Christianity.

Oh, Lord, I lift up to you my pains. I lift up to you my fears. You are never far away from me, this I know. But Lord, remind me. Lord, continuously teach me.

Father, I pause and say this prayer with humility in my heart and praises in my lips. You are great Oh, Lord, the same before, today and tomorrow.

I lift to you everything and also ask that you guard my heart and my mind. Cradle me in your arms Oh, Lord, never let me go.

Lord, I also lift to you the people I love. All of them. Those who are near and those who are far. Protect them Oh, Lod. To those who do not know you yet, use me to show them who you are. Use me to express your love to them.

To those who do know you, teach me to minister to them as a brother. Teach me to be more patient and truly loving. Father, I lift to you the silent prayer of my heart, this which I have been lifting up for the longest time. You know it Lord, and I trust you. Teach me patience, Lord. 

Love... Teach me true love, Lord. Amen.
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