A letter of support

To all DCFers,

This is once more the time of the year when DCF sends a team to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge the great work ahead, but at the same time, we are joyful because we know that our God is faithful. We are but His tools and He is the Craftsman.

We ask you to labor with us in prayer for the preparations and the actual missions trip. We are excited because of the great privilege He has given us to be in the front line of the mission field.

This year, we will be sending a 30-member team to Infanta, Quezon to sow seeds, share the Gospel and to minister to students and residents of the community.

20 students and alumni will come from DCF and the Diliman Campus Bible Church. The remaining 10 members will be from Southern Luzon State University - Lucban. 

They are the fruits of DCF's Missions Trip in Lucban, Quezon in 2004. Praise God for those whom Jesus touched through us then are now our partners in the Great Commission.

We are posting updates at dcf20.blogspot.com. The prayer requests and praise items are uploaded there every week.

We also acknowledge our need for financial aid as we raise Php 60,000 to cover the expenses of the entire trip. As early as now, we are joyful and grateful for those who have already pledged help for the ministry. And as early as now, we are expressing thanks for those who will help in our fund raising activity.

At the same time, we are also planning to have a garage sale to raise funds. As such, we are also accepting clothes, bags, shoes, belts, books or anything which can be used for the garage sale.

You may contact our Finance Head, Zerah Mae Largo at 09186795586 or our Evan Head, Maridel Exconde at 09286548206.

You may also channels your support through our Philippine National Bank (PNB) savings account. Please inform our Vice Chair for Finance for any deposit made for the missions trip.


Account Number: 275 – 599367 – 3

PNB UP Diliman Branch

Thank you and God bless you!!!

DCF, 2009-2010

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