1 Corinthians 1:26-31

“What were you when God called you?” Paul asked the Corinthian believers. He urged them, to take heed, see, regard what they were before the Lord, the God of the heavens and the earth. Paul asked them to recall in their minds who they were first in the sight of man, but most especially in the sight of God.

Before men, they were unwise, uninfluential, ignoble. They were not like the sophists, not powerful, not mighty; they are weak; they were poor and lowly. Yet all these are eclipsed when God’s perspective is consulted. They were nothing before God. They were sinners condemned to hell. They are utterly depraved.

But in the grace, the mercy and the love of God, these people, who in all ways are unlovable, were given the gift of eternal life. They are foolish things of the world. They are nothing in this world. Yet, God, in His infinite wisdom and His sovereignty chose them to shame, to disgrace, to dishonor the pride of this world.

The weak shamed the strong, the despised things, ignoble things, ordinary things shamed the things that are.

The Lord did all these so that the world may know that He is God. So that before Him, no wise, no noblemen, no rich, nor strong, nor powerful may boast and say “I am greater than God.” The Lord did these to show to the world what it is before Him—creation, naught, dust. The Lord did this to ascribe all glory to Himself.

Yet the rebellion of the world continues. The world remains under sin and death. Despite the revelations of the Living God, the lies of the devil consume the very hearts of men and women.

Blessed are we, Christians, for Jesus Christ, became for us the ultimate sacrifice. His nail-pierced hands, His torn side, His wounded head, these gave us our righteousness, holiness and redemption. It is God Himself who became humble. God Himself sought us. But pride blinds the heart. Pride corrupts the soul.

Christians are now put right before God, we are saved from death. And we can boast only in Him. We can say that we are saved, proclaim that we are free because of Him. Yet when we do, let us remember why we boast. To show to the world that God is ever living, He is ever present. We boast to tell the world that He has judgment on us all and only in Jesus can we find salvation.

May we be on fire for Him. Amen.
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