Sunset Music Team

I can't remember the last time we went out as a team. It may have been in my third year or so. But last Saturday, our Church's music team met over lunch which extended to the afternoon merienda. We had fellowship over food.

I know it's not my duty to call for a gathering of the team. After all, I'm not the head. I'm simply a member who loves music, but can't play or sing. It was a hard decision to make. I'm afraid to offend Kem because of my enthusiasm, but because he didn't call for a year-ender and I miss the fellowship, I did. It's just sad that he didn't make it.

Ate Jac was first to arrive at KFC in Technohub. I came next. Then, an hour later, Ate Jana arrived all the way from her apartment in Manila. She was earlier than Mich and Jet who were staying in Sampaguita Residence Hall (grin).

By the time Jet and Mich arrived, Ate Jac and I had already gobbled our Chicken Burger, and were ready for the next meal. In short, I pigged out, but I enjoyed it.

We talked about everything. The Music Team, the Church, DCF, the Lantern Parade, Babaylan and a lot more. We had one heart when we said we wanted the Music Team to be once more a fellowship. Not that it's no longer a fellowship now, but certain changes and circumstances drew it farther from God. That's just what I feel, though. Everyone's busy now and the commitment's low. We seldom have devotions or practices. Song Leaders no longer have the time to prepare.

I'm making myself clear when I say I'm blaming no one. But it makes me sad to see the Music Team in its state now. So many people left the ministry. I find it difficult to cope with the challenges because of the rigid transition. I wanted to be trained more, but nobody's there to train.

Still I praise God for He made me realize something. Leaders need to be visionaries. When God calls you to lead, you must look at your office as a stepping stone of the future. You must never build the ministry for your self but for the people after you. Investment is the key.

But sometimes, even the best investors fail when they walk out of God. So, it's really Him who directs all ministry. I know this is cliche to Christians. But it's never too easy to do it. If it were, then all ministry should have been successful.

Our bonding time ended around five in the afternoon. Ate Jac and I went with Ate Steffi to buy her ticket to Baguio. I enjoyed the experience, but I wish we were complete.
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