I have to admit, almost four years of training at UP dulled my senses. I no longer write the way I do when I was younger. I have lost the flower and the inspiration. I have forgotten the passion and the courage. All I have now are the facts and the structure.

I'm afraid I lost track of the novelist and creative writer in me, and instead, unleashed the journalist. Journalism has its strengths, but as to writing, people love the creative writer more. Having this realization, I'm really left with not much.

I tried to fuse my old style of writing with what CMC has been teaching me, but they're two completely different worlds. They don't fit; they just end up a hodgepodge of poorly constructed sentences-- a string of thought that goes nowhere.

How must I write now? I don't know. But something inspired me last night. A video from Ted Talks reminded me that, more than anything, I'm only the vessel of the creative energy. The energy just channels through me. I do the writing, but the creativity does not come from me.

I attribute this creative living energy to the One who made me. He is more than my genie or genius, He is my God. So, what is my point now? Perhaps, I just have to keep on writing in the hope that someone, out there's reading. :)
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