What a refreshing day

I praise God for a refreshing and exciting day today. everything started out great. I had my first Econ make-up class at 7:30. I actually didn't understand much of what Prof. Bautista taught, but I enjoyed her enthusiasm and mastery of the subject. I just pray that I could catch up on her soon. The second long exam's just around the corner.

After my Econ class, I dashed to Starbucks North Ave for a thesis interview. I'm not really a fan of expensive coffee but I enjoyed my Frapuccino (Did I spell this right?). And more than the Frapuccino, I enjoyed the actual interview. Our interviewee from the Philippine Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry was a formal but kind man who patiently answered our questions. He was an animated speaker. It did not take long for us to get the essential information and confirmation from the interview.

Me and my partner ate doughnut after. It was a gigantic treat with sweet honey glaze. Yum yum.

The best part of the day happened in the afternoon. We had a prayer meeting at Kamia. I praise God for the encouragement from Del's sharing. I'm also thankful for the time of sharing and prayer. Dado and Ate Janet were with me in the group.

Fastforward to 9 in the evening. JD, Trex and I resumed our Bible Study. It was encouraging to see the two enjoy the BS. If they could read this blog I want them to know that I enjoyed as the BS as much. Marko joined us just in time for the closing prayer. We studied about the Bible and devotions. I still praise God becuase we closed in prayer together.

But I'm not about to give up. I asked Marko to join me in a short BS and prayer time in his room immediately after. We studied the books of the New Testament and shared our praise and prayer items. It was refreshing to pray with Marko. I missed our fellowship.

I really praise God for this day. So much happened. But I know God was glorified. :)
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