Philippians 1:3-11

I can feel Paul’s affection for his brothers and sisters in Philippi. He opened the letter with much thanksgiving and love for all of them. As I read the passage, I sought the source of this love. Without a doubt, it is God.

Paul’s love for the Christians in Philippi is rooted on their common standing and relationship with the Lord. Much more, because the Philippian Church is steadfast in its walk with God, Paul’s joy overflows.

They continue to share the Gospel of Christ. They are covered by the same grace from the Father. Their lives are marked by devotion to the God who gave them life. As Paul witnessed these things, he couldn't hide his joy for the fruit of his labor.

In this passage, then, God remains the centerpiece. Paul and the Church in Philippi maintained their vertical relationship with the Father. In so doing, they preserved their horizontal relationship as well. And what joy it brings the heart when brothers and sisters are united in Christ.

Paul is not satisfied with where they are now. He encouraged the Philippian Church to grow more and more in their love. This is possible only when they get to know God more in knowledge and depth of insight.

Why be more intimate with the Source of Love? Because it is to His glory that we grow in our Christian walk. It is to God’s glory that we live pure and blameless lives, bearing fruit in everything we do.

When we stop and come to think about it, God orchestrated everything that’s why he deserves the limelight. He is faithful as well. Trust that He will mold us into His image and likeness as we walk closer towards Him daily. Truly, He deserves all glory, honor and praise.

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