An Open Letter to my Blog

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I haven't utilized you well these past four years. You've been a great companion but I remember you only when I have time. Most often than not, you sit in the worldwide web unloved and deserted.

Things are getting better now. Believe me when I say you'll be my trusted chronicler. You will document my ministries and God's faithfulness in my life. I want the world to learn from my experience. I also want to hear from people all over the world, to get advice from those who were before me.

Will you give me one more chance? By God's grace I promise to detail the stories and experiences I have in your pages. By God's grace, you will be my open journal. People will read stories and testimonies from you. You will help me spread the word and share the WORD. I know you have unlimited potentials. I hope we can work well together.

In the days to come, I will be hammering words and sentences on my keyboard. You will keep them all. You will have pictures and videos. You will be vibrant and pulsing with energy. By God's grace, I will be consistent and passionate in this new life and ministry.

Thank you for this second chance. Let's bring God the glory He deserves!

In His service,

F.Paulo Tomacder
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