An Evangelistic Christmas Party in Infanta

With the Infanta pips
"Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field" -(Matthew 9:38)

I remembered this verse as I spoke to students of the Southern Luzon State University in Infanta, Quezon. It was a small satellite campus with barely 600 students. But what's amazing with SLSU Infanta is the people's openness to the Gospel.

Living Word Christian Fellowship has reached out this campus just this year with Ate Tess as staff worker. Two years ago, the Dormitories' Christian Fellowship reached out to Infanta during its Missions Exposure Trip. The Lord has moved mightily since then.

LWCF now has a hut inside the campus where students gather for Bible Study and fellowship. Kuya Caloy said when they started the ministry, Ate Tess was reluctant and afraid. She said she could not do it on her own. There is truth in her words because without God, the ministry will not flourish. But what was initially fear turned to joy as the Lord added to the number of LWCFers in Infanta.

Kuya Caloy said he has never seen a place so receptive to the Gospel in his 30 years of ministry. The harvest field is vast in the campus alone. In less than six months, over a hundred students have heard the Gospel  and have come to fellowships and Bible Studies. But the challenge is following up those who have shown interest and those who have professed faith in Jesus.

At the moment, Ate Tess is assisted by Kuya Caloy and some students from LWCF Lucban. Next year, I will be helping out every Friday in discipling the young believers in Infanta. Let us continue to pray that the Lord will put in the hearts of students the burden to come and share their time in teaching their brothers and sisters about Christ. 

Preparing gifts for the Christmas Party
I was the speaker in SLSU Infanta during their first Christmas party. I shared that Christmas is about Christ coming as humanity's Savior. I wasn't so prepared for my message because of the hectic week in UP Christian Community, DCF and Diliman Campus Bible Church. I guess I put so high a standard on myself in handling God's Word because this is HIS message, not mine. 

I spoke on Luke 2:1-20 and focused on the Angel's description of the new-born baby boy-- that He is the Savior, Christ the Lord and a source of joy for humankind. 

Jesus Christ was born to become the perfect sacrifice for our sins. God demands holiness for He is holy. He brings judgment to sin and the punishment is eternal spiritual death. Without Christ, we are going to pay for our sins for we are all sinners. This is the just punishment for our transgressions. 

But God loved us so much, that He sent Christ to die on our behalf. Because He is sinless and is already holy, death has no grip on Him. That is why he rose after three days. But the punishment of sin has been paid for by His death making a way for us to be reunited with God again.

The stage is set. And God requires only faith for us to cross from death to life. With this faith comes repentance and confession--a turning away from sin towards God. Jesus bridged the gap. Faith and not good works, religion, philosophy or anything else from man will suffice. It is by faith alone, in Christ alone. It's about  starting a relationship with our Lord.

And everything is dependent upon God's grace.He enables us to turn to Him to be saved.

This, in a nutshell, was my message. Christmas is about salvation in Christ. After sharing, I led the group of around 80 students in prayer. I asked them to consider the message and if they are truly convinced, to pray with me to receive Christ. 

I don't know how many understood the message. I also don't know how many genuinely accepted Christ as personal Lord and Savior. But the seed is planted in their hearts and that is my joy. 

While I traveled back to U.P., Ate Tess sent me a message. She said, "I'm receiving several messages from the students saying thank you. They were blessed by the message. We are blessed by your testimony."

I am humbled. I bring back all the glory, praise and honor to God who enabled me. It has been a wonderful experience and I pray that God will use me to share to more people in the future. 

Ate Tess gives out Christmas gifts to the visitors.
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