Chronicles of a Staff Worker Dec. 3

Friday was a rest day for me. There was no fellowship, meeting or activity in DCF. I usually attend Sate Varsity Christian Fellowship's (SVCF) Big F every Friday, but I failed to ask Jayvee about the venue this week. Most of the time it happens at the Church of the Risen Lord's Sunrise Kiosk, but not this Friday.

They weren't at the boardroom either so I had difficulty finding my SV friends. To cap it all, I couldn't contact Jayvee because I had no more load. "Perhaps this is not a Big F for me," I thought.

Much of this day was spent conceptualizing and executing my planned evangelistic tract. I wanted to create a personalized tract that's contextualized to the common Filipino's understanding of Christ and salvation. I had been trying to find one online but I figured I could also make my own using my training in Journalism. By the way, for those who don't know what a tract is, let me explain.

A tract is like a pamphlet with words or pictures or both. It may be in the form of a small booklet, and it may even look like a brochure. But what matters most is the message it contains. The challenge in making an evangelistic tract is in putting the whole Gospel truth in the most succinct prose possible.

I don't want to water down the Gospel but at the same time, I wanted a tract that wouldn't consume much of the reader's time. My plan is to use the tool even in commando evangelism. This is why the message must be short but still complete. I must be able to share the whole Gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone in less than five minutes, lest  I lose the people's attention.

I worked on this project the whole day and I'm happy to announce that I had finished the first draft. I know this will undergo several revisions and will evolve into something better in the future. I pray that God will use this tool to bring many people in a saving relationship with Him.

My very own Evangelistic Tract! May God use them for His glory.
Other than tract-making, I also went to the Christian Community's meeting for the 2010 lantern parade. I committed to head the shirt design and distribution committee. Our goal is to come up with a unified shirt that will show the unity of the UP Christian Community. Kath, this year's CC faci, gave us base ideas. Being only moderately creative, I opt to play safe with the design. I will ask Ate My to help me with it.

We have two weeks to finish the work and I'm foreseeing that the difficult part will be the coordination of orders and payments. Pray with me as we iron everything in two weeks. 

I am blessed by Kath's dedication as Faci. She is able to mobilize the entire community to help in the making of the lantern. Though we can feel in the core that still only a fraction of all Christian organizations is dedicating their time to help, we see that more and more will come and help in the days nearing the actual event.

Diana, DCF's CC Representative, joined me in the meeting. Also present were the representatives of LifeBox (formerly ENCM) and SVCF. We spent the time looking into the details of the plans and brainstorming on the needs which the community can meet through donations and pledges.

I took a photo of this year's CC lantern design.
So far, CC needs tons and tons of recycled materials for the float. I appeal to everyone to donate plastic bottles, old newspapers, wire, paint, plywood and paint. We will also need food pledges for the workers as well as volunteer manpower for the actual labor. For those able to donate cash, we will also welcome your donations. I'm not sure how much CC is raising for this lantern, but last year we  spent around 30 thousand pesos for our lantern.

Pray with us for all the preparations and work that we still need to accomplish! May God be glorified and His name be proclaimed throughout the campus through our lantern.

May Anne (left) and Dian (right) during the CC meeting.

Kath (left) is CC's current Faci.
After the meeting, Diana and I spent time catching up on each other. This meeting had been postponed many times so that night was truly an opportunity. We passed by Ilang first because she wanted to drop off her heavy bag before proceeding to the Acad Oval.

Diana and I walked around the 2.2-km road talking about anything and everything under the sun. I asked her about her ministries, spiritual walk, academics and personal life. I enjoy these conversations with people and it's a blessing to be used by God even in this simple ministry.

Diana's openness is always an encouragement to me. While she shared about her struggles, I couldn't help but comment because they were also my struggles. I felt that the lessons I learned from them could also help her deal with the things she was going through.

It was a night of pure conversation. She shared her joys and burdens; I also shared mine. She asked me a few questions and I tried my best to answer. I listened to her and learned new things or remembered old lessons from her realizations. We also talked about a number of people in the fellowship and wondered how they were in their walk. We closed the night with prayer.

Thank you God for everything you're teaching me and for the ministry opportunities you're giving me!
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