Back in Manila

So I'm back in the University of the Philippines. I arrived at around 5:30 this morning-- six hours of travel from my hometown in San Fernando City, La Union. (For those who are wondering, the official name of the Pampanga version of my hometown is City of San Fernando)

What did I do upon my arrival? I slept soundly. In fact, I woke up late, evidence of my tired body from the long journey. Going back to Manila after the holiday season is one of my most unpleasant experiences every year. Just when you're enjoying the comforts of your family and home, you are hurled back to the reality of work and responsibilities.

That's part of life, however. And on the bright side, going back to UP allows me to see my friends, fellowship-mates and church-mates once more.

Determined not to waste my first day, I cleaned our room at home. It took me the whole day to do it but I'm happy with the results. I took photos of the outcome.

This is our bed. We are minimalist gentlemen so we removed everything except the foams. :) No, actually, Kuya Arnold and Miki have the bed frames on the other room.

We keep our laundry here. I'm borrowing the orange one from whoever previously owned it. Dado owns the blue one and the maroon laundry bag is Darwin's.

Here are some of the books I'm currently reading. This plastic cabinet belongs to my sister, but I'm borrowing some of its compartments.

Here's my closet. I just took a shot of my half. The other half belongs to Darwin. He'll clean it up when he comes back.

Here are more books in a shelf. Notice our two alarm clocks? I believe Dado has a fascination for clocks. He owns both and has another one downstairs. The irony is, he still wakes up late. I don't need one because Darwin is my human alarm clock. Thanks, Dar!

Lastly, I write most of my talks on this little foldable table using my old but trustworthy laptop. We bought this table for our first house. But because we already have a dining table in our new home, we've been using it for work-related activities. In fact, when I'm not using the table, Kuya Arn borrows it for his office assignments.

Here is our humble room. Next stop, I'll clean our sala. There are a lot of boxes in there so I'm calling all the owners to start collecting your stuff. 

This has been a wonderful activity. As I post this article, I'll be off to Molave for a simple dinner with DCF. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful opportunities You're giving me. :)

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  1. Your room looks so homey! Praise be to God for a great year, indeed!

  2. AK Lance: It is really home away from home. wait when you get to see Kuya Arnold's room. It'a a lot tidier. Whenever you enter their room, it smells like strawberries. :)