EK? Star City? No. Circle of Fun!

Marvee, Del, Yen, Marko, Mark, Dan, Trex, Charm, Diana and Myself joined the fun.

At last! After hundreds of posts and endless discussions we've decided to go to Quezon City's very own Circle of Fun! It may not boast of world-class facilities or of breath-taking rides but we still enjoyed the first DCF bonding activity for 2011.

Let me share with you how we spent our night.

I forgot to take photos of our waiting period at Molave so let me start here. In this photo, we're already at Quezon Memorial Circle and we're walking towards the restaurants for dinner.

We're looking for a place that's not very expensive but will still satisfy our grumbling stomachs. We ended up eating at Tropical Hut after Del mistook the order numbers for the price of the meals. In her own words, "Akala ko may tig-twenty pesos na meal. Yun pala number lang ng order!"

We ordered a family chicken meal plus three regular chicken meals. The family meal came with three cups of salad and drinks.

That's Trex's hand beside a cup of salad. Just look at the chicken on Yen's plate in the photo above.

That's me on the left with a big smile. Mark brought his laptop to finish his editing assignment for a Journalism class. Together with Dan (in black with glasses) I helped him start the paper.

From left to right, Charm, Del and Trex. Charm is Mark's sister and they're from Naga. Del is currently DCF's Chairperson. And Trex owns the hand beside the salad three photos above. :)

From left to right, Marko and Diana imitating the famous Maynard pose, Yen and Marvee laughing at the attempt. By the way, it's Yen's birthday today!

After dinner, we had to say goodbye to Mark who still had to send his article online. He went to Philcoa to send the edited copy. Here we see Del urging the group to go to the memorial tower.

The next seven photos narrate Del's adventure to climb the walls surrounding the fountain pool.

It all begins here. Notice that Del is standing beside Yen in this photo together with Marvee and Dan.

Dan and Marvee decided to climb the fountain pool wall to join the rest. Yen opted to stand but Del also wanted to climb. Here, notice that all of them were looking to the left at a pair of hands. Those hands belong to Del as she attempted to climb the wall.

Her first try was a failure.

Marko, the gentleman that he is, offered to help Del climb the wall.

Here's Del during her second try. Everyone's watching and helping at the same time.

Finally, Del succeeded in her quest. Here's the group at the fountain pool side. I'm taking the photo.

Trex took this photo so that I can join in. I had to lean to my right to be seen. Dan isn't looking in this photo :)

We were about to enter the theme park. They're discussing if they want to enter or not-- the phlegmatics that we are.

Here's the Carousel. Del wanted to ride this one but we didn't get to.

Here's their version of Anchor's Away. We also didn't get to ride this one.

I took a photo of this child inside an air ball floating in a small pool. My first thought was, "This may well be our closest experience to Jesus' walking on the water."

Diana wanted to try the air ball but it was only for kids. I also wanted to try this one. Sad.

Because we can't take the ride, we decided to play darts in a nearby stall. The rule was simple. To win a price, we had to pop four or more balloons. We popped five and so won a small stuffed key chain. Charm is holding our price in this photo. It's a dog key chain and we decided to give it to Mark as consolation.

While we played darts, the rest of our group rode Magic Dance. Del described the experience as near-death while Charm called the ride "nakakamatay." You have to try it to find out. Here's Marko with his fake cry.

After the dizzying Magic Dance ride, Trex and Dan drove bump cars. Trex is adept at this and he appears to be the only one who can truly control his car. He had fun bullying Dan on the play area.

At this point, my camera's battery went empty so I could not take a photo of the rest of the night. Just after this ride, however, we went and played with pellet guns and won another stuffed key chain for Del. We named the stuffed toy Puma or Pumama or Mamapu whichever you like to call it. Why the name? It's a combination of my name, Pau, Marko and Trex's (Mario).

Then, Del haggled with a lady vendor for a ballerina doll. She said it's a present for Yen who's celebrating her 19th birthday today. And they took one last ride in the breath-taking roller coaster. They wanted to hear Yen shout but she was silent as she could be despite the thrilling ride.

Marvee said this is the prelude of our EK or Star City adventure. But the next time we go on a bonding activity, we also want you to join us! :)

God bless you!
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  2. Hi guys. You really look good together. I enjoyed your outing although I was not there with you but all the same, I liked the team and may the the Lord help you grow together loving and serving Him. I've decided to follow you and I hope it will be fun with me aboard.

  3. Hi sos.k! Thank you for your comment! :) May the Lord use my blog more to inspire and encourage people allover the world. God bless you!