DCF Joins Oplan UPCAT: A preparation for harvest

Members of the Dormitories Christian Fellowship (UPDCF) partnered with over 20 Bible-believing churches and Christian organizations to share the Gospel during this year's UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) on August 6.

Stationed in the Public Administration and Labor and Industrial Relations testing centers, DCFers gave out Gospel tracts and packed snacks to both parents and UPCAT takers. They also offered prayers for those taking the exams.

These kind gestures opened the opportunity for spiritual conversations and full Gospel presentations. Parents who were waiting for their children were mostly the ones who entertained the volunteers.

"Because of the occasion, parents and guardians were very receptive to Gospel presentations. I personally found it easier to share the Gospel," said Maynard Pastoril, an alumnus of Ipil Christian Fellowship.

to strangers.

The team also set up several "service tents" complete with monoblock chairs which they opened to waiting guardians. The tents gave them shade from the sun around noon and a drizzle late in the day. They also distributed free Christian magazines and devotionals to the people in the tents.

"It's a great honor and privilege to serve the Lord of lords and King of kings and joy to offer saved souls to Him," said Gay Arabit, the current corehead of the Kamia Christian Fellowship.

Kazel Duran, another DCFer who joined added, "The sight of Christians in the campus and in different churches working together is empowering. Their differences did not hinder the Holy Spirit to guide them to minister to their neighbors. I had joy serving God together with my brothers and sisters in Christ."

Two batches manned the testing centers-- one early in the morning and the second in the afternoon. Several lay people from the Greenhills Christian Fellowship Marikina helped out in the area."

The UP Christian Community initiated Oplan UPCAT the previous year. This year, however, the movement was spearheaded by the Church of the Risen Lord (CRL) after seeing the potential gospel reach of the project. Through the church network, several local congregations in and around UP were tapped to help. Eight Christian Organizations and 13 churches worked together in the event.
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