Planning for the Missions Exposure Trip 2011

From Right to Left: Marvee (Missions and Prayer Head), Diana (DCF Chairperson), Kuya Caloy, Pau (DCF Staff Worker)

Every year, DCF's Missions Exposure Trip is a challenge and a blessing. It is a challenge because so many things need to be done in so little time. But it is a blessing as well because the trip is an opportunity to be used by God for His glory.

Yesterday, I joined Marvee, Diana and Kuya Caloy in the preliminary planning for the 2011 Missions Trip. DCF continues its outreach to Southern Luzon this year, ministering to Catanauan, Quezon and its neighboring towns for a week on October 21 to 27.

Catanauan is a "first class municipality"  in the Province of Quezon, six hours away from Metro Manila. It is a town of almost 70,000 people steeped in the Roman Catholic religion. Founded in 1713, the town was originally called  Nabatasan.

In the late 18th through 19th centuries, however, frequent raids by "moros" ravaged the town. This "prompted the people to construct two small stone forts or watch towers (magkatanawan) mounted with artillery" for protection. Thus, the name Catanauan.

DCF will again partner with the Living Word Christian Fellowship from Lucban, Quezon in ministering to the people of Catanauan. A team of 30 people will be formed to help the local churches in the area. Three days will be dedicated to evangelistic activities like house-to-house Gospel sharing, tract giving and campus evangelism in the Southern Luzon State University-Catanauan.

The team will also offer evangelism training to the youth to inspire them to actively participate in winning souls for Christ. At the same time, the True Love Waits Seminar will be offered to counter "erotic relationships" of teens in the area.

This year's Mission's Theme Verse is Colossians 4:3, "And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains."

There are still so much to be done. We ask that you consider partnering with us through prayer above all. Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the people of Catanauan, that they may be open and receptive to the Gospel. Pray also for the team that God will prepare their hearts in the rigorous spiritual work ahead. May they have pure motives in joining and depend only on the Holy Spirit throughout the trip.

Pray also that God will provide for the needed funding for the whole Missions Exposure Trip. Initial costings peg the budget at Php 81,000 for the week-long Missions Trip of 30 students. God has been faithful throughout the years and I have no doubt in His rich provision for this year. May all glory, honor and praise be unto Him alone!
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