Praying for the Missions Exposure Trip

After travelling for eight straight hours from La Union, I arrived at UP to catch the last part of DCF's Missions Prayer Meeting. I was just in time to take photos of the praying people.

In lieu of the normal gathering for the dorms, DCF allotted the whole months of September and October to specifically pray for the Missions Trip. Weekly gatherings were set to update members of the preparations, plans, activities and other details of the event. All these are lifted up in prayer to the Lord.

Here are photos of the prayer meeting this evening:

Jayvee and Del are in fervent prayer when I took this photo.

Here are Yen, Kit and Marvee in their prayer triad. 

Ate Rashel joined us despite her very busy schedule in law school.

After the prayer meeting, we headed to one of our favorite food stalls in UP-- Kusina ni Mamang. They are famous for their home-made pork, beef, chicken and shrimp Siomai. I usually order one assorted Siomai meal. This is made up of six pieces of siomai and one cup of rice. I find the meal very affordable at Php 35.00 and satisfying as well.

Here is a photo of us eating:

I enjoin you all to pray with us for the 2011 Missions Exposure Trip

Praise God for:
1. the planning with Pastor Nilo and Ate Lily in Catanauan
       a. safe trip going there with Kuya Caloy, Kuya Mayn, Kryss Ann and Marvi
       b. activities in the Missions Trip
       c. place to stay during the trip
2. Planning with Kuya Caloy, Kuya Pau, Dianne and Marvi (budget: Php 82,400.00)
3. Kuya Pao Gonzales agreed to use his vehicle for transportation from UP to the bus terminal

Pray for:
1. burden and right motives for the team members (15 from DCF; 15 from LWCF-Lucban)
2. preparations
      a. interview of team members
      b. permission for the campus evangelism
      c. TLW materials
3. People in Catanauan
      a. Partner church (Christian Parish Church), as they invite people for the evan training and TLW
      b. people in the community that they will be open to the Gospel
4. Fund-raising activities
      a. rummage sale on Oct. 1-2
      b. alumni support
5. shirt design, printing, production and sales

Thank you so much for praying with us! May the Good Lord be glorified in this Missions Trip! 

For those who want to join, we hold the Missions Prayer Meeting every Monday, 6-8 p.m. at the Church of the Risen Lord.
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