DCF's Alumni Homecoming

I find it fitting to start my DCF Alumni Homecoming post with Steve Greene's "Find Us Faithful." The song's chorus goes:
Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful
May the fire of our devotion light their way
May the footprints that we leave
Lead them to believe
And the lives we live inspire them to obey
This is my prayer as a DCF alumnus, that the ministry God entrusted to us will continue to inspire the younger generation. At the same time, I encourage those who are currently serving in DCF to never waste this God-given opportunity to work for the Lord. We pass through this route but once, so let us make the most out of it all for God's glory.

Last Saturday's alumni homecoming forged stronger bonds between the Ates and Kuyas, and the younger members of the fellowship as they shared stories of their experiences in DCF.

The event was simple and personal, and the stories shared encouraged everyone to continue speaking about Jesus on campus and beyond. This is very timely especially with the upcoming Missions Exposure Trip to Catanauan. The members of the team who attended were blessed by the testimonies. And God's faithfulness was made evident especially in the stories of His provision and leading.

Alumni Sharing

From Left to Right: Kuya Jed, Kuya Luther, Kuya Rex, Ate Joan

Ate Joan, who belonged to the first batch of DCFers, emphasized the need to be FAT spiritually. That is, to be Faithful, Available and Teachable in doing God's ministry.

Kuya Rex, on the other hand, said he gained lifelong friends from the Narra Christian Fellowship (NCF). He described them as "the best set of friends" he ever had because of their genuine concern for him as a brother in Christ.

Another NCF alumnus and now a pastor of a local church noted that DCF lasted for 22 years only through God's enabling. Kuya Jed added that the fellowship has served as an avenue for Christian students to fulfill their calling as Christ's ambassadors in UP Diliman.

The youngest of the group, Kuya Luther urged his fellow alumni to continue supporting DCF's programs, especially the Missions Trip. He said he learned a lot and grew spiritually through his exposure to short-term missions. And he desires the same for the next generation of DCFers.

Learning from Barnabas

Kuya Marrick preaches at the alumni
After the short testimonies,  Kuya Marrick, now a pastor in Batangas and a UP professor, proceeded to share God's Message for the gathering.

Using Barnabas' zeal as example, he encouraged the attendees to continue serving the DCF ministry which was once their training ground as young Christians. He said gone were the days when a person needed formal training before he or she can serve in God's work.

Instead, what people are witnessing today is the growth of the church through the service of ordinary people, much like in the time of Barnabas. "I never attended Bible School. And I always considered CCC and DCF as my training grounds for ministry," he said.

Willingness to serve is not enough, however, if the Holy Spirit is not working in a person's life, he added. Barnabas was a believer first and foremost, and his zeal for the ministry came from his personal relationship with the Lord.

He was also a giver as evidenced by his offerings to the poor members of the early church. Yet Kuya Marrick emphasized that Barnabas' giving was not limited to finances or goods, but also included time, energy and an abundance of encouragement.

"No man can commit to follow Christ, until he gives first...Becoming a part of missions requires surrendering of self..." he said.

He added, no man will desire to be in the ministry unless he has a heart for people. "It is this heart that compels him to serve the brethren," Kuya Marrick said.

Capping the message, he encouraged the DCFers to look not on their abilities or intellect but on their relationship with God as they consider serving in the ministry. After all, those whom God calls, He also equips, he said.

My reflections

I started with Steve Greene's "Find Us Faithful," now I'll end with his other song, "I Answered the Call." The song goes:

The spirit of God is calling
Calling to men
Stirring within our hearts a call
To faithfulness again
First to our God
Then in our homes
Faithful in all we are
And with all that we own
I answer the call
I take my stand
I choose to live my days on earth
A faithful man
And to that end
I give my all
And in the strength and grace of God
I answer the call

Each of us has answered God's call when we turned to Him for salvation. But a greater calling is ever before us-- to live our Christianity and shine as salt and light wherever God plants us. May our lives be open Bibles to people that they may know God through our testimonies. And may God give us the strength to share Him in every opportunity He provides.

God bless us all. :)

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