Rummage Sale for the Missions Trip

It took a while for me to blog again because I was busy with other things. I'm starting off with this post about last Saturday's rummage sale for the month of October.

First of all, our heart-felt thanks goes to all who gave items for the sale. We had a good supply of blouses and rubber shoes as well as long-sleeved polo from various alumni. During our sale, however, several tricycle drivers were asking for maong pants and men's T-shirts. We are still welcoming donations for our second round of sale.

Second, we want to thank everyone who gave their precious time to man the store last weekend. We are also encouraged by those who helped in the pricing and the transport of the items from our house to Ate Flor's at 41 Malinis. We also thank Ate Flor who generously opened her home for us and Dang, as well, for cooking great food for the volunteers.

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who spent a minute or two in prayer for the entire rummage sale. We acknowledge that your spiritual support made a lot of difference for us, volunteers. Though the day was wet, cold and exhausting, nothing energized us more than the thought of brothers and sisters lifting us all in prayer to the Lord.

Jim and Diana are busy cleaning the slippers and shoes for rummage. I am blessed by Jim's presence. He did not plan to help in the pricing but he joined us in the last minute from the pricing until our rummage shop's closing.

Marvee and Kuya Arnold joined Diana in pricing the dresses and shirts. We consulted Kuya Arn for the prices because he is a self-confessed ukay-ukay expert.

We sold mostly shirts, skirts and dresses  for women. Here is a snap shot of our merchandise carefully folded by Diana and Marvee.

The Yakal and Ipil boys joined us the following day. They helped in carrying the merchandise from our house to Ate Flor's. It's amusing to realize that most of those present were boys but the items we were selling were for ladies. Here, we see Marko, Diana and Jayvee deciding on the price of a coat donated by Ate Flor.

Jim looks tired and grumpy here but he actually enjoyed the sale. 

Finally, here's a photo of our shop. It's a bit messy because we had to cram the items in one corner of Ate Flor's garage to shade them from the drizzle. We usually spread the items all over the place but this time, we were constrained by the rain. 

Here's another view of our rummage sale. The cloudy sky doesn't show in the photo but the entire Saturday was actually rainy. It's still amazing though because we were able to sell some items and raise P1,300 for the day. It isn't much but it's God's provision so we praise Him. Ate Shii and Kuya Butch also donated additional rummage items in the afternoon so we have new ones to sell next Wednesday. :)

Fund raising for the Missions Exposure Trip is truly a testing of faith. But I have peace because throughout the years, God has never failed in providing for our needs. I am actually excited to see Him work wonders and miracles one more time as we put together Php 82,000 for the Missions Exposure Trip.

Just an update, we have now raised around Php 23,000 and counting. Praise God! :D
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