Yuki's Shot

This is an outdated photo taken by a Japanese friend whom we met at the Beach Missions last year. We just came from the Vargas Museum and were taking Yuki to the Oblation statue when he took this photo of me and Ate Jana.

A few months from now, only a few people will recognize this pathway. As of the moment, it is undergoing renovations-- part of UP's project to improve the facilities of the campus and restore its natural parks and wonders. Perhaps a few years from now this photo will also be a priceless historical artifact. Who knows?

Yuki is now roaming the planet once more. I don't exactly know where he is because his course in the social sciences-- I think it's sociology or anthropology-- brings him to different places all over the world. But I know that his presence in Pundaquit around the same time last year was God-orchestrated.

You will not meet many Japanese who, after being exposed to a group of young Christians on local missions,  will say, "I want to be a Christian."

I write this as I remember Yuki in my prayers. May the Good Lord honor his desire and truly save him from death to life.
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