How to Understand the Bible Correctly (1)

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Reading, understanding and interpreting the Bible are among the most useful skills a Christian must strive to develop. I believe much of the disagreements in Biblical interpretation lie in the method employed by the Bible students. They simply aren't applying the same principles in reading and understanding God's Word.

In the context where I minister, I've noticed the need to guide younger believers as well as student leaders in this area of their faith. It is true that the revelations from the Bible come to us ultimately through the Holy Spirit. However, it is not true that we must divest our cognitive skills and rely solely on the supernatural in handling the Scriptures. There must be a balance of both. After all, the Bible came to us not as a magical artifact but as a book that can be read and understood through language and literature, with the leading of the Spirit.

In this series of blog posts, I'm going to share several materials that can help every believer in the area of Biblical interpretation. These materials are based on the book of Pastor Willie Girao, How to Understand the Bible Correctly.

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