Navigating through romance

February 28 is the new hearts day for DCF! We capped the Valentines season with our Banquet Dinner and Ladies and Gents Night. This is our way of realigning our hearts and minds with God's on the subject of love and relationships.

Prof. Bot Jocano, our faculty adviser delivered the message. It was actually a repeat of his talk in the freshmen fellowship on Eros Love.Here are some of the striking insights from the message:

1. On the issue of romantic love, are you willing to let go of what feels good to do what‘s right?

2. When considering romantic relationships ask, "Will he or she bring me closer to or farther away from God?"

3. Before entering a relationship, consider your unfinished business and ask, "At this moment of life, what is God calling me to do first and to prioritize?"

4. Even before considering romance, reflect upon your relationship with God. How can your romantic relationship sail smoothly when your walk with God is on a nosedive?

5. Guys, are you willing to wait and labor for the woman you love even if it takes you several years like Jacob?

6. Don‘t enter into a relationship if you‘re not considering marriage.

7. Evangeligaw, disciple chicks and misistry are definitely off the list.

Listen to Sir Bot's message here:

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  1. Kuya Pau! Nirecord mo pala. Thank yoooou! Di ko kasi mahanap yung notes ko nung gabing yun. :(