(John 15:1-11) Abiding in the True Vine

This is my fifth sermon for the Afternoon Service of the Diliman Campus Bible Church. It is an exposition of John 15:1-10 on the series of Jesus' 7 I am's.

In this passage, Jesus speaks of Himself as the True Vine. In order to understand this statement, we will focus on the following points:

1. The Metaphor of the True Vine, the Vinedresser and the Branches (vv. 1-3)

2. Two Questions about Abiding in the True Vine

a. Why abide in the True Vine? (vv. 4-6)
b. What does it mean to abide in the True Vine? (vv. 7-11)

Listen to the preaching below for the entire message. May you be blessed!

Here is the outline of the message:
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