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Lessons from MET 2023


On July 5-11, 2023, the UPDCF once again conducted the Missions Exposure Trip, the first one after the pandemic. A group of 21 UP Diliman students, DCF alumni and Diliman Campus Bible Church members joined the week-long evangelistic and discipleship follow up activity in Baguio City, La Trinidad and Bokod, Benguet. I want to share some of the highlights of my experience from MET 2023:

1.We were able to share the Gospel message to a 90-year-old lola at Burnham park who was very responsive to the Good News. She was part of a group of elderly who frequented the park to ask for food or help. Though her condition was difficult, I realized God’s grace for giving her long life so that she can learn of Jesus’ love and respond in faith, all by grace. As we helped alleviate her physical needs, I was joyful that we could give her the best gift there is—the Gospel of Jesus.

The family of Kuya Julius, a UPDCF alumnus, joined the team. I was so blessed seeing them serve the Lord together, including their five-year-old son, Jes. I was especially moved by Jes’ excitement to share the Gospel with other children using the Evangecube. He even hiked 60-degree slopes to reach the church in Bokod, Benguet. Indeed, no one’s too young or too old to take part in God’s Great Commission.

3.  It is usually more challenging to share the Gospel in urban and commercial settings. We experienced this first-hand at San Vicente. Owners of shops and stores were busy going about their business. Many refused to listen, but God still led us to people who were open and eager to hear the Gospel. We are indeed just links in the chain of people’s spiritual journeys. Sometimes we are called to till dry and hard ground, to plant seeds, water saplings, cultivate plants or reap the harvest. We rejoice whatever role God gives us in His mission!

4. During our day-long evangelism activities, me and Alvia often struggled with hoarseness of voice and sore throat after talking to several people, non-stop. We thought of being consistent in sharing the Gospel even to just one person each day so that we will not have that problem. We can pour out our hearts and share passionately to that person as we continue to take part in God’s work even after the MET. Indeed, the Missions Exposure Trip has ended but the Great Commission continues until the Lord Jesus returns.

5. A few years ago, we made a tract to share the Gospel in UP. It is entitled, “The Bridge to God.” When we went to Quezon Province for MET, we wrote the Filipino version so that it can be easily understood by the people. I am joyful that we completed the Ilocano version in time for our MET to Benguet. Before this trip, I shared the Gospel in my mother tongue only less than five times because I am not as fluent as I used to. But with the Ilocano translation of our Gospel tract, I was able to share many times in Ilocano, especially to older people in Bokod and Baguio. Using my mother tongue helped the people better understand the Gospel. It was a joy to proclaim Christ in my heart language!

6. During our closing fellowship, we were asked to write down an encouragement for our fellow MET members. God again reminded me to pray for a missional heart, love for the brethren and compassion for those who don’t know Jesus yet. I remembered the words of Marie Louise de Meester, “Let your heart be like Christ’s so generous and so great, that the whole world may find room in it.” Jesus is the perfect example of passion and compassion for people. When he saw crowds, he was moved because they were like sheep without a shepherd. And so, he told His disciples to ask God to send workers in the harvest field. I am praying that the Lord will enable us to respond to this prayer.

7. I also experienced several spiritual struggles during the MET that could have distracted, discouraged, or frightened me. But I praise the Holy Spirit for His abiding peace and presence amid all these. At one time, the phone we use for our online financial transactions got lost! Though it stressed me at first, we surrendered it to God. He protected the phone, and we were able to retrieve it from our jeepney driver. At another time, we also experienced spiritual opposition while sharing in two households. At the corner of my eye, I noticed someone or something peeking from the window. But when I glanced at it, there was no one there! This happened twice. But instead of being afraid, I just prayed for God’s protection. I remembered Kuya Caloy’s reminder that when there is spiritual opposition, it means the enemy is not happy with what we are doing. In this case, the enemy surely hated the gift of salvation being spread in Bokod.

8. I was also blessed by the opportunity to minister to several members of the MET team. When I was busy completing my MDiv, I couldn’t spend much time in talking to and encouraging members of the fellowship. But during the MET, I had several opportunities to pray for and talk to the students. I was blessed to be given the chance to catch up with them and to pray for their struggles during the MET and even in other areas of life. The Missions Trip is truly a ministry not just to the community but also to the team members. God also speaks and transforms them as much as He transforms those whom they serve.

9. Lastly, I am also blessed by God’s Word during our Sunday service in Bokod. Before the MET, I asked God to use the outreach to help me better sense His leading for the next season of my life. During the service, I was pleasantly surprised when the text used by Pastor Marlon was the same text God used to call me in campus ministry—Philippians 4. Though Pastor Marlon focused only on the first half, I was blessed to be reminded again of the two truths that God used to lead me to full-time campus work. I should not be anxious about anything but surrender everything in prayer. Though the next season of my ministry life remains uncertain, this reminder is still true, especially when I am paralyzed by the struggles of campus and church work. And when this happens, it is also crucial that I fill my mind with what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. I thank God for these reminders, even as they help me better hear His leading in the ministry. 

In all these, I share our team’s refrain, “That’s God’s faithfulness. Praise the Lord!”

Chronicles of a Staff Worker Sept-Nov 2015

Hello everyone!

I've been reading through the past updates from our campus ministries and and realized that one whole year is just about to end! I am blessed by the Lord's faithfulness and love, and at the same time a bit nervous because of the uncertainty of the new year ahead.

Despite this, I find my peace in the unchanging character of God and His faithfulness time and time again. I'm adding three-month's worth of update in this post. I'm sorry for not being able to regularly share about the campus work. We've been very busy with all the changes and adjustments to the new calendar and leadership structure. Please include us always in your prayers.

Pray especially for the spiritual growth of the students. It is my desire that they deepen in their love for Jesus. May we be sensitive to their needs and selfless in providing to the best of our abilities and capacities.

Thank you in advance because I can feel your prayers strengthening and encouraging and pushing me to continue serving our Lord Jesus! May God, by His grace, provide me with the opportunity to continue serving in the many years ahead. And I pray that you will always be partners in this kingdom-building for His glory!

In Christ,

Pau T.

PS. Please wait for the PDF to load. It may take time depending on your internet connection. :)

November Prayer Calendar

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please join me in praying for the many events and ministry opportunities this November. Unlike the previous prayer updates where I shared to you what has already happened, I'm forwarding an entire calendar of this month's ministry for prayer.

God is indeed very gracious for allowing me to serve Him these past five years. You have all been a part of this journey. Your prayers and material support have always empowered and encouraged me to continue sharing Jesus to students in UP Diliman and Philippine Science High School.

As the first semester of AY 2015-2016 inches to a close, I desire to continue partnering with you. Even if we can't personally meet, I thank God for the gift of communication because I am able to share praises and prayers even across great distances.

I'm thanking all of you in advance because I know you will continue to journey with me this November. May the little acts we offer to the Lord bring Him glory and honor. May more souls come to a saving relationship with Jesus through our service.

Thank you once more and may God bless you abundantly. :)

In Christ,

Pau T.

PS. The prayer calendar is an image. The texts are small but you can zoom into them to read what's written. :) Please wait for the image to load.

Chronicles of a Staff Worker August 2015

Hello everyone! :) Please continue to pray with me as we once more start a new Academic Year at UP Diliman and Philippine Science High School Main campus. August was my busiest month and I thank God for seeing me through. A lot of evangelistic and service-oriented activities were held last month. God is truly faithful because He gave us many contacts for AY 15-16. We actually have more than we can handle. As we move to September, we are now focused on strengthening the small group Bible studies for our contacts. Please ask the Lord for wisdom as we face the new challenges ahead! (Please wait for the PDF to load)

Chronicles of a Staff Worker June-July 2015

I thank the Lord for seeing us through Academic Year 2014-2015. It has been a very challenging year, full of ups and downs. But it was also a year of lessons and new friendships. As we close this year, continue praising God with me! Thank you prayer partners for being with us through the year! God bless!

Chronicles of a Staff Worker March 2015

I'm sorry it me a while to update this blog. I've been very busy and been through a lot of challenges. But here I am again. Though this is a late update, I guess we can always praise God for all that He has done for His ministry through the Dormitories Christian Fellowship and Pisay ACTS. Please continue to pray for me. :)

Chronicles of a Staff Worker Jan-Feb 2015

Hello everyone! Happy new year! I'm sharing my prayer updates for the month of January and February. Please join me in praising the Lord for His faithfulness and lifting in prayer the many concerns of the campuses where I serve.

Thank you so much for your unending prayers and support! To God be all the glory, honor and praise!

Chronicles of a Staff Worker (March 2014)

March is now a blur. It was one of my busiest months in the ministry, demanding much time, energy and resources. I could barely pause and reflect because of the overlapping demands from the Lord's ministry.

Just to give you an idea of how busy March was, I'm listing the activities I joined:

1. DCF elections

From the praying, to the challenging, voting, counting and down to the proclamation, I worked hand-in-hand with the outgoing DCF exec. The election season is really one of the most faith-stretching times of the campus ministry.  Yet, God is always faithful. At the end of the elections, He gave us Bryan as chairperson, Hubert and Jasper as Vice-chairs  for the central exec. In the dorms, God raised Jeanette for Sampa-Kamia and JD for Yakal. As of this writing, we're still praying for the KalBrig Head and the core heads for Cente, Molave and Ilang.  

2. DCF send-off fellowship

March also marks the graduation season in UP. During this time, the seniors slowly inch their way to finishing their undergraduate degrees. They overcome the last requirements, papers, exams and THESIS! For us who are staying, we send them off to a new phase of life during the last big gathering of DCF. Our send-off or kick-off GA features a challenge for the graduating to continue burning for God as well as an encouragement for the younger batches to continue God's ministry in the dorms.
3. ACTS closing fellowship

I also work with a high school ministry in Pisay called ACTS. Because the college and high school academic calendar are parallel, March also marks the closing of our Pisay ministry for 2013-2014. Like in DCF, we also had a send-off fellowship and a baccalaureate service for the graduating seniors. Though I'm handling the Juniors batch, I still know a number of the graduating senior from our ACTS fellowship. It is not really a goodbye for me because most of them are entering UP. Chances are, I'll still be ministering to them as they go through college life.

4. ACTS year-end reporting and retreat

The ACTS counselors and teachers gathered in a year-end overnight retreat at IGSL to look back, reflect and plan ahead. We revisited our goals drafted two years earlier and evaluated our performance. We looked at our progress as far as our vision of raising faithful disciple-makers  is concerned. For us in the Juniors, we still have a lot of work to do. However, last year's recollection was a big boost in the enthusiasm and involvement of our students. We're praying for greater maturity and responsibility for the incoming Seniors next year.

5. VOICE three-day values teaching at Kisay

The Quezon City Science High School opened its gates to the VOICE Ministry this month. I volunteered to teach Godly values to a very dynamic grade seven class. I was with 7-Neon for two days and we tackled truth and honesty, self-discipline and responsibility. Even if I stayed with them for only a short time, I built friendships among the freshies. We're praying that Kisay will eventually allow us to teach values on a weekly basis next year.

On the third day, I was a teacher for the Juniors Neon on Love and sexuality. Many of the students were excited with the topic. I think this is because they're starting to fall in love and have crushes in their puberty stage. Our lesson was a condensed curriculum developed by VOICE, and much like the True Love Waits series. I was hoping for a longer time to teach the material, but even in our brief interactions, I'm praying that the students will commit to live in purity through and for the Lord. I don't know how many will respond to the challenge, but I'm trusting God to water the small seeds planted in their hearts.
6. Grade 6 Recollection at Balara Elementary School

I serve not only college and high school students but even elementary pupils. I joined our church at a recollection for graduating elementary students of Balara Elementary School. We had a simple program per class with games, songs and a short reflective session called "Timeline." During the activity, we encouraged the students to look back and beyond their life's timeline. We encouraged them to see God's faithfulness in past experiences. We also challenged them to trust in God's continuing goodness as they look forward to their future . I handled a relatively shy class, but there were still a number of active students. The recollection was very challenging because I had to compete for the students's attention. There were noise, heat, other activities and sleepiness to contend with. My joy, however, rested in the opportunity to serve our youth. We ended our recollection with full hearts, expectant of better years for our students in high school.

7. Sem-ender meetings at Cente and Kalai Fellowships

DCF has satellite fellowships in the dorms. So, aside from our central send-off meeting, I also joined the fellowships in Cente and Kalai during their sem-ender gathering. We spent the time looking back at the year that was while enjoying food together. We also prayed for the graduating members of our fellowship. This was true for Cente as we bid farewell to Jim, Job and Marlon. 

The Kalai fellowship is made up of freshies and sophomores so no one was graduating. We had a passing of the baton, however, as we transferred the responsibilities for next year's gatherings to the freshies. They will soon be ates and kuyas as a new batch of freshmen enters UP this first semester. 

8. DCF's new exec preliminary meeting

A lot of changes are coming to the college ministries starting 2014-2015. For one, UP  Diliman now adopted the Aug-Dec, Jan-May academic cycle. From our usual June opening, we're starting two months later. This logistical challenge met our new DCF exec. As such, I worked with them to have a long overdue strategic planning. Everything is new so we decided to have a fresh start. We were able to finish the DCF's purpose, mission, values, vision and goal during the first part of the meeting. There's still much to do, but with the long break ahead, God has given us more than enough time to prepare. I'm excited to see God's plans unravel this coming year.

9. Planning and preparation for ATS Missions Trip
Aside from all my usual ministry tasks, Kuya Mark invited me to join a Missions Trip down South this April 5-19. We had several meetings at the Asian Theological Seminary as well as individual group planning. I'm not allowed to share where we're going specifically on public, but in a gist, we'll be helping a ministry that reaches out to M communities and to tribal groups. If you want to know more about this item, please contact me directly and I'll send you information privately.

10. Planning and preparation for DCBC's Children's Summer Bible School

Lastly, I volunteered to help in our church's CSBS this coming April. We're teaching children from Villages A, B and C at UP Campus. I'm handling the youngest age group together with several other churchmates. The program runs for five days and we'll cover the life of Jesus while teaching talents and crafts to the children. A free health and dental missions is also scheduled at the last day of the CSBS.

I don't know how I survived March but I did, all by God's grace. April is also as hectic but I know that God will continue to show His faithfulness to me and the people I serve. Thank you for reading! God bless you all!

Chronicles of a Staff Worker (Week 1 Feb 2014)

Last February 5, I turned 25. Yes! I am already that old. It's my silver birthday as some may say. As I look back on the years of my life, I can't help but thank the Lord for being so faithful and loving. He journeyed with me through all the trials, joys, struggles and rewards of living.

I'm sharing with you one of the Bible verses that has impacted my life. It is found in Philippians 3:7-9,

7 But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. 8 Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith—

Ever since I placed my faith in Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, He has been transforming my life. Some may wonder why I chose to work among students when I could have pursued a lucrative career in media or the advertising business. This passage from Philippians is one of my reasons.

When Christ found me, the joy and the fulfillment in having a personal relationship with the living God just eclipses everything this world can offer. I was once motivated by pride, power, prestige and wealth in all that I do. But when Jesus entered my life, I was drawn to Him to the point that I now count everything a loss or rubbish compared to Jesus.

This is not to say that I am looking down on people who chose to work in the media or any related field. It's just that in Christ, I found the purpose that I've been striving and looking for ever since I was young. I testify that Mathematician Blaise Pascal was right when he said, "There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus."

So for the past four years, I've been ministering to students in the University of the Philippines Diliman, the Philippine Science High School, and for a time, at the Krus na Ligas Elementary school. It's difficult to explain what I do, but in the words of Guy Chmieleski, "We campus ministers minister to a virtual parade of students, who pass by us as we metaphorically hand out cups of cold water on the parade route, in the name of Jesus. We offer friendship, pastoral direction, and care, and get the raw and beautiful gift of seeing God woo the hearts of young adults."

Seeing students come to a genuine relationship with God is priceless. It may not make sense to most people, but being once among the crowd of youth who did not know their place in the universe, working to help young adults find their purpose in Jesus means my entire life.

Until God calls me out of the campus, I'll be here offering cups of cold water. You can always stop and get a drink. Just remember, this water is not mine but Christ's who said, "but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. (John 14:4)."

I want to take this time to thank everyone who remembered me during my special day.

To my family back in La Union and all over, I will always thank the Lord for your love and support. Even if I'm not always there, I want to tell you that you're always in my prayers. I am asking the Lord to protect and bless you in everything that you do. I am also praying that He will draw all of you closer to Him as you navigate through life's challenges.To my parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and relatives I love all!!! :)

To my DCF family, I will always thank God for using you to draw me closer to Him. My gratitude goes especially to my ates and kuyas who took care of me when I was still a student until I graduated. You will always be dear in my heart!

To the current DCFers and to those who just graduated, you may as well be my answer to Nescafe's famous ad question, "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" This, after God's glory of course. And this is true even in the literal sense for the early birds in our Bible Studies. Remember, I only pass through your life once, so I'm letting God use me to His utmost to prune and teach and challenge you. When you are already out there, doing your thing, excelling in your element, I pray that you will bring with you every Biblical principle we've studied throughout college. And I will commit to still be available for you if you need any help and prayer on anything. Thank you for taking the cup I offered. I long to see you one day offering cups of your own to countless thirsty people!

To my DCBC second family! Thank you for being my home away from home here in UP Diliman. I praise God for selflessly opening your hearts to me even when I was still a stranger to all of you. I want to thank my sunset/afternoon family whom I've invested my life for the past seven years. So many things have changed and are still changing, but let's remember that our God remains the same yesterday, today and forevermore. I pray that God can use us more in reaching out the UP Campus with His life-giving Gospel message.

To my ACTS Pisay Diliman family, I am humbled to be part of your growing up years. Thank you for letting me serve you every week in our small groups and Big Fellowships. There is still so much in store for all of you. I pray that even at your young age, you will deepen in your relationship with Jesus. We will still meet in college so you will still have more of me! Sana hindi kayo magsawa! Thank you for your patience and time. I pray that you will all grow up to be fine men and women of faith. God bless!!!

And to everyone who remembered (you know who you are!), I thank you all. I pray that the Lord will be close to you, and that one day He will also use me to bless your lives! God bless you always!

In Christ,


Chronicles of a Staff Worker (Week 4 Jan 2014)

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so much for journeying with me through the first month of 2014. Time flies so quickly! As we face February together, let me take this time to update you on the closing week of January.

I was down with flu during the last update, but God has granted me healing. As of today, I only have slight cough especially in the evening when it gets so cold. Please continue to pray for my body that God will make it strong and free from any sickness.

Taken from
I wasn't able to meet the Pisay students last week. They had a week-long class suspension because of the clash between the police and illegal settlers infront of their campus. The Quezon City government carried on its planned demolition of illegally-built houses along Agham Road.

The demolition became violent because the residents refused to leave the area. They began to throw rocks, bottles, improvised explosive and even human waste just to stop the demolition. The police responded with force. Armed with shields, clubs and a number of firearms, they retaliated, injuring several civilians. They also arrested demonstrators.

The place turned into a war zone, prompting the Pisay administration to cancel classes altogether. Let us pray for everyone involved in the clash. I know that the government wants to improve our city, hence the decision to tear down the illegal houses. However, I also understand the grievances of those displaced.

I may not be involved in the urban poor ministry, but let us ask our Jehovah Jireh (The LORD our Provider) to look down with mercy and give the affected families a new beginning. If anyone of you know of mercy ministries that may help, please drop me a word.

Last week, we also had our second gathering of UP Christian Orgs at the UP Christian Community Koinonia-Night. Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship. Incidentally, that was  also the topic for the meeting. The CC core invited Pastor Benjie Baclagon from the Grace Bible Church to share God's Word.

He emphasized that genuine fellowship involved genuine love. It is not simply about an event or a program, but a relationship bound by Christ. We have fellowship with people when we have them in our minds, we have them in our hearts and we remember them in our prayers. Listen to his talk HERE.

The K-Night was also a wonderful opportunity to be reunited with our brothers and sisters from the different orgs on campus. I gained new friends and met younger students. I even teased the graduating leaders that they were already old. God is indeed faithful. These leaders were once wide-eyed freshmen but they've grown to be fine young men and women in the full service of the Lord.

Continue to pray for them that they will be influential salt and light in the workplace or the next phase of their lives after graduation.

I was able to join Cente and the Freshies Fellowship. Cente usually holds its fellowship on a Wednesday but the members had it on a Tuesday last week to make room for the K-Night. I spoke about Jehovah Jireh as an opening to their series on the Names of God.

The preparations caught me by surprise because apparently this Name had much to do with salvation. Before, I thought Jehovah Jireh only involved daily provisions like food, clothing, and shelter among others. After studying it deeper, however, God showed me that in its proper context, the provision was a sacrifice for sin.

It was Abraham who called God Jehovah Jireh (The LORD will provide) during that episode when He asked him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. At just the right moment, God provided a ram in place of the boy. This is a foreshadowing of Jesus' own sacrificial death in our place as the Lamb of God.

We also had a simple birthday celebration for Christian last week. We gave him a cake and sang a birthday song! He was surprised by our small gift because he didn't notice the cake. I joked that we were experts at hide-and-seek so he didn't see our gifts hidden just a few feet behind him. Once more, "Happy Birthday Christian!"

Kuya Caloy will be talking about the Justice of God this Wednesday. Please pray with us that God will use him mightily in delivering the message to the Cente students. Pray also that the CCMers will be able to invite friends and roommates to the fellowship. We desire to be used in the Cente dorm more, and one simple way is by reaching out to roommates and inviting them to hear God's Word in the fellowship.

Ask God for boldness for the Cente people as they build bridges with their dormmates. Please pray for Jim and the Cente Core as they implement innovations to reach more students with the Gospel.

Kuya Jaylord spoke at the Freshmen Fellowship last Thursday. He was the closing act in their Parables Series, tackling the Parable of the Vine and the Branches. I praise God because the freshmen have started taking roles in FDCF. A few weeks ago, we were praying that they will respond positively to our leadership challenge. God answered our prayers and the freshies responded with zeal.

I was also happy to see Fiehl (guy in grey sweater) again. He was busy the past weeks because of org activities. Please pray for him as he balances his time amid a busy week ahead. I'm praying that we can continue ministering to him though the FDCF.

Please pray that God will grow Christlikeness in these students. Several of them join me in Bible Studies and I've figured that they are challenged to live out Christ in their classes and rooms. Ask God to transform their characters so that they can have powerful testimonies for Jesus.

I remember a very moving statement from a pastor long ago. He said, "Our lives may be the only Bible other people will read." Let us pray that what they'll see will be a life consistent with our preaching of the truth.

Continue to pray for our preparations for the DCF elections. The exec has started challenging several students to pray for God's leading for next year's fellowships. Please journey with us in prayer so that we can sensitively respond to God's voice in the area of leadership.

Other than this, we are also busy preparing for the February Banquet Night and Ladies and Gents Night. Our Alumni Association has expressed a desire to partner with the students in this event. I praise God for that! They will be providing couples as speakers in the fellowship. We're also inviting you to join us at the Banquet Night on Februrary 28. More details to follow.

After the simple GA, the ladies and gents will separate into two groups to continue discussing relevant issues on love, courtship, marriage and sex. The ladies will go to Ate Flor's house while the gents will stay at DCBC's student center.

On a personal note, please pray for me as I continue to help our local church's afternoon service. We had a whole-day meeting last Friday to iron out the different committees. I'm currently assigned in the Tech Team, tasked to take care of the AVPs every Sunday. We're five in the team with three students on board. May this simple ministry be used to further God's work on campus.

We have several plans in mind but they're still plans as of the moment. We'll be meeting soon to concretize  our ideas for the church.

Finally, I want to thank God for the free leadership training we joined on Saturday. Five DCFers were present together with students from the Living Word Christian Fellowship from the Quezon Province. Kuya Caloy invited us to the training spearheaded by "Ignite: Leading Like Jesus."

I enjoyed the session on Fear and Pride the most. It was a wonderful reminder to always check my heart's motivation in leadership. When fear or pride take the center stage, I can be sure that terrible consequences are coming. I must always be motivated by a genuine love for God and other people in order to lead like Jesus.

Aside from the leadership principles, the event also gave us opportunities to be reconnected with our friends from SLSU Tiaong and Lucban. We had a Missions Exposure Trip with them last October, and the leadership conference served as our reunion after three months. I'm blessed to see our partners in ministry growing in their faith.

Roy, SLSU Tiaong's President also updated me on the fruits of our trip in Tagkawayan. A regular Bible Study fellowship has started with Ate Nocel, SLSU's worker in the area, taking the lead. It's always encouraging to recognize that God gave us a part in that blooming fellowship. I'm thankful to have served Him in the building of His Kingdom in the Quezon Province.

Thank you for reading! I'll update you next week! God bless!

In Christ,


Chronicles of a Staff Worker (Week 3 Jan 2014)

I spent most of my week at home because of flu. In fact, I slept most of the time, giving my body time to heal.

What started as sneezing and runny nose on Wednesday ended up immobilizing me on bed for the rest of the week. I had muscle and joint pains, headache, fever, cough and colds. But I am a lot better now. The fact that I can now update you means I'm out of my bed and am now typing this blog post.

I want to thank God because He is my Jehovah Rapha (The Lord our Healer). Though most of the time I was asleep and wasn't able to talk to Him, I knew that He heard the prayers of everyone who interceded for me. I am humbled because I felt the support and love of people from our church, my family, friends, my students and even my college classmates.

The words of encouragement and prayers gave me a full heart even when I was bed-ridden at home.

The few things I was able to do this week included my Bible study with freshmen from the Molave dorm. We're doing a series on evangelism in our small group. We looked at the motivations for sharing Jesus as well as our part and God's in evangelism.

I always emphasize that love for God should motivate us rather than fear or guilt. At the same time, we must always desire God's glory as the end result of all our evangelism.

Immediately after our SG, I went on to join Lads and Gay to apply our lesson. Every Monday, DCF shares Jesus to students in the dorms and the Sunken Garden. The program is called "Sheep Among Wolves" or SAW.

God opened wonderful Gospel opportunities for me that day. I was able to talk to three freshmen from the University of the East. They were very polite and listened intently to what I was sharing.

One of the students was very much interested. He kept asking questions and clarifying things. He later revealed that he used to have interactions with several religious groups that's why he was so interested with the subject. Please pray that God will water and nurture the seeds of truth planted in his heart. I'm praying to be reconnected with this group even just through Facebook.

I also met another Christian, a helper who was waiting for her alaga who had a swimming lesson in the nearby UP swimming pool. We had a wonderful time of conversation. She told me that she could not find a church near their place in Pasig. Please pray that she can find a community of believers there. She also had no Bible of her own. I wanted to give her one, but I'm hoping I can meet her again this week for the Bible. The good thing is I have her contact number so I can ask her if she is on campus.

While sharing in the Sunken Garden, Gay had the chance to witness to a student who joins the "god the mother" group in UP. Their conversation lasted almost an hour. We've long since interacted with this group, helping the students whom they've recruited understand the Bible more clearly, rather than simply using verses out of context.

Please pray that God will open their eyes to Jesus so that they can find satisfaction in Him alone rather than in any other man-made teachings or philosophies.

In the afternoon of the same day, I went to our small group in the Philippine Science High School-Diliman. I've been volunteering in ACTS Pisay for the past three years. I have a group of Juniors in my SG and I'm working with Ate Jean from the Capitol City Baptist Church.

We've decided to talk about the New Life as we entered the new year. This series is a follow up for the new and the young believers in our group. But it is also effective for continuing Gospel discussions with those who don't have a relationship with Jesus yet.

During that particular Monday, the Pisay community was busy preparing for a school-wide fair. Most of my students could not come because they're rushing projects and requirements for the event. Two attended, however-- JC and Michael.

I'm blessed by one of Michael's reflections after our meeting. He saw the importance of living out our faith in Jesus as a testimony to those around us. This meant always being intentional to radiate Christlikeness in everything we do, everyday.

He even noted that when a professing believer lives a life contrary to Jesus' teachings, he taints Jesus' Name. His wonderful realizations bring me to Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." This is also my prayer for all the students I'm teaching at Pisay. Though they are still young, I pray that God set them up on the way of Truth that they will never depart from it until their dying days.

At the close of Monday, I joined DCF's prayer meeting at the Centennial Dormitory. This is our first prayer meeting for the year to dedicate to God all our plans for 2014. Many of the praise items have to do with the Christmas vacation. The students were grateful for the rest and family bonding last December.

At the start of this year, however, they were greeted by numerous academic requirements and tests. So, it's not a surprise that many of the prayer items dealt with exams, papers and theses. As a ministry, DCF's entering its election phase. The biggest prayer item is for God to raise up leaders for the next generation.

The dorm ministry has always been student-led. Please pray that the younger ones will catch this vision even as they are challenged to stand up for greater leadership roles next year.

Because of my flu, I was only able to attend one fellowship this week. Yakal opted for a birthday surprise for MC, our vice-chair 1, on Tuesday evening. They had a simple celebration with the famous DCF birthday song, a cake, Bible verses and words of encouragement.

On Wednesday evening, the Centennial Christian Movement held its first formal fellowship this year. It was the kick-off of a new series on the Names of God vis-a-vis our common misconceptions of His nature. We've been praying for greater coordination in the Cente dorm last week. Praise God! They were able to meet and really plan how to go about their fellowship in a more organized manner.

We'll be starting with Jehovah-Jireh this week, clarifying what it meant that God is our Provider versus He is our personal Genie. Please pray for the last-minute preparations and that we can also invite friends to the fellowship.

After Wednesday, I was at home most of the time, bed-ridden because of flu. But God granted me healing on Saturday. I was able to meet Christian, a freshman from Cente, for our weekly Bible Study. We're learning the OIA method of studying the Bible. This was his request so that he can grow more in his understanding of God's Word.

It was Christian's birthday yesterday! If you know him, you can still greet him a belated Happy Birthday!

Then on the afternoon, I joined our local church's evangelistic event at the Sunken Garden. We called it, "No Ordinary Picnic." The idea was for the congregation to gather in fellowship at the Sunken Garden while a number of us go out and share Jesus. It was a simple step of reaching out to the Diliman Community, but one that left me truly blessed.

I went with Eden, the daughter of our Tagalog pastor. Eden was my ever supportive prayer warrior. While I shared the Gospel, she was very fervent in praying. She gave the comment that we met so many kind people in our witnessing. I encouraged her by saying that they were God's answers to our prayer requests.

We'll be doing the NOP once a month. Pray with me that more from our local church can join us.

Thank you for reading. Please continue to pray for healing. I developed a cough after the flu. Ask God that He will clean my lungs and restore my health. God bless you all!

Chronicles of a Staff Worker (Week 1-2 Jan 2014)

Dear Praying Friends,

The first two weeks of 2014 have come and gone. So many things are happening on campus that I can barely keep up, let alone update you of God's ministry in the dorms in UP Diliman. But God is faithful, and He has kept me able in my service to UP students.

The past 14 days are full of blessings and challenges. With the start of the new year, I am witnessing the beginning of a new generation in DCF. The once young and shy lower years are now taking leadership responsibilities in the different dorms.

Jasper (in red) celebrated his birthday with us. His father and relatives joined us.

This is especially true with the sophomore batch in charge of the freshmen fellowship. Just a year ago, they were the "babies" of DCF, but now, they are taking care of first years from the Kalayaan and Molave dorms. They are also slowly transitioning the freshmen ministry into the hands of the younger batch as they prepare to serve in the upperclassmen dorms.

Please pray for the sophomore batch so that God will preserve their testimony. May they also have a heart to reach out to their dormmates and classmates with the Gospel.

By the way, the changes in the dorm admission have blurred the dorm fellowship distinctions. We were used to having unique identities based on our dorm fellowships in DCF. Younger DCFers, however, are defined more by their batches now rather than their fellowships. This has been the case because most of the residents have been constantly changing dorms every year.

God has also blessed us with very active freshies. We have a mixed group of young men and ladies coming from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds. I say they are active because it has been a while since I last witnessed freshies joining stranger evangelism in DCF. It is a joy to see even the young ones taking part in the expansion of God's Kingdom.

I don't remember joining evangelistic events when I was a freshman. I wasn't even active back then. But for this batch, I thank God for enabling them to boldly approach strangers to share Jesus. Of course I remind them that we are not after the numbers. Instead, we share because we want Jesus to be lifted high. We want people to meet the Jesus of the Bible, and prayerfully decide to trust Him as personal Lord and Savior.

In an age when most campus ministries go for the numbers, I encourage them to aim for faithfulness, instead. Pray that by God's grace, we can faithfully proclaim Him in words and deeds in the contexts of our lives.

Lads, DCF's chairperson, has spearheaded a weekly dorm and campus witnessing. We do it on a Monday from 10 am to 3 pm. We go around the dorms and at the Sunken Garden sharing about Jesus to everyone we meet. You can also join us if you're free. Your presence will be a great encouragement to the DCFers.

The upperclassmen fellowships in Yakal, Sampa-Kamia and Cente are also continuing. There's a noticeable decline in attendance compared to my time as student in DCF, but God is faithful and has continued to bring people to the fellowship.

On a positive note, discipleship through small-group Bible Studies were strengthened this academic year. We made a curriculum that covers topics about Jesus, Hermeneutics, Evangelism and Doctrines. It is now slowly being implemented, and a number of upperclassmen have started using it in their Bible Studies. Please pray that all DCFers will have a Bible Study group to help them deepen their faith and relationship with God.

(L-R: Elaine, Mylie, Jeanette)

Remember the Sampa and Kamia Fellowships in prayer. Ask God to send people who are willing to help in the ladies' dorm ministry. There are several Christians in these dorms but most are busy with their own endeavors. We praise God that we are given specific ministries, but we desire to be used as instruments in uniting these efforts to reach the dormers of the ladies fellowship.

If you have free time every Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 pm, I invite you to join their fellowship. You can also volunteer as a speaker or a Bible study leader. The ladies dorms need as much help from able and willing hearts as possible.

(L-R: Joseph, Jm, Shalom, Josiah, Soren, Warren and Bry)

The Cente Dorm needs to be more organized. Please pray for wisdom and sensitivity to God's direction for the leaders . I'm also praying that they can soon involve the younger members of the fellowship. I noticed that those who got involved were the ones who fully understood the ministry cause and cost. Most of the time, they grew in their faith faster than those who simply attended the gatherings.

I remember our church's thrust for Full Employment. I also pray for full employment for every DCFer, not just in Cente.

(L-R: Lads, Mark Neil, Chester)
Back in Yakal, Lads is working hard with Mark Neil, YCF's dorm core head. I can visit them more often now ever since Cente moved their fellowship on a Wednesday. Yakal is hosting a number of female Tacloban students until the end of the semester. Though the fellowship is still mostly males (Yakal was all-male until recently) we are praying for opportunity to reach out to the Taclobanons in Yakal. There are no specific plans yet, so pray for wisdom for Lads and YCF.

God also blessed Yakal with two freshmen attendees, though only one has consistently joined the meetings. Please pray that there will be urgency in the hearts of the YCFers to connect with their roommates. Ask God to open opportunities for Gospel conversation in Yakal.

This pretty much covers the happenings in the past two weeks. I hope to update you weekly so that you can partner with me in prayer.

On a personal note, please pray that I can offer 2014 as a year of prayer to God. Pray also that God will be gracious as I seek to walk in holiness and purity for His glory.

Thank you so much! God bless you all!

In Christ,

Pau T.