Chronicles of a Staff Worker Sept-Nov 2015

Hello everyone!

I've been reading through the past updates from our campus ministries and and realized that one whole year is just about to end! I am blessed by the Lord's faithfulness and love, and at the same time a bit nervous because of the uncertainty of the new year ahead.

Despite this, I find my peace in the unchanging character of God and His faithfulness time and time again. I'm adding three-month's worth of update in this post. I'm sorry for not being able to regularly share about the campus work. We've been very busy with all the changes and adjustments to the new calendar and leadership structure. Please include us always in your prayers.

Pray especially for the spiritual growth of the students. It is my desire that they deepen in their love for Jesus. May we be sensitive to their needs and selfless in providing to the best of our abilities and capacities.

Thank you in advance because I can feel your prayers strengthening and encouraging and pushing me to continue serving our Lord Jesus! May God, by His grace, provide me with the opportunity to continue serving in the many years ahead. And I pray that you will always be partners in this kingdom-building for His glory!

In Christ,

Pau T.

PS. Please wait for the PDF to load. It may take time depending on your internet connection. :)

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