For the past days, I had been contemplating on friendship, when I suddenly stumbled on the movie, "The Bridge to Terabithia."

The story is about friendship, alright, but there's a lot more to that. It is a story of a new found friendship and the pains of losing that friendship.

Death is one major theme of the movie. And this grips the heart especially when you realize how much is lost because of the evanescence of life.

I woke up with my eyes swollen from crying. The movie has moved me; it has hit my soft part. But it has made me see how God works. People come into your life; people go, all in God's creative plans. Some will etch deeply in your heart. Others will just brush through it. Still, losing people entails great trust on Him, for this can mean permanent goodbyes and points of no return. It must be very difficult. Just thinking of it makes me sad.

However, God is all-knowing. Things we don't understand, He knows perfectly. Plans we make, He alters for our good. Lessons are learned in every experience. The more painful, the more difficult experiences yield greater learnings. But before we can even understand, we need to die of this world and live in Jesus Christ.

"She brought you something special when she came here, didn't she? That's what you hold onto. That's how you keep her alive."

I may lose friends I treasure. They may leave me and scar my heart. But teach me to accept. Teach me to look beyond the pain and the struggle, and wield my weaknesses to strengths. Though friendship crumbles and lives end, I thank you for in my sinfulness you have allowed me to experience their joys. Lead me the cross, Father. Thank you so much for my friends.

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