Turning point

Quoting from a post:
"Friendship is not about sharing similar interests... It’s not about sharing similar dreams or goals. Friendship is not about the length of time you’re spending with each other. It’s not about being always together. Friendship is not about enjoying their company.
It is about love, acceptance and appreciation. It is in knowing that the same blood runs through you, the blood of Jesus."

And so, I begin to accept that which has always caused my tears. I begin to realize my mistakes and my selfish view of friendship. It is difficult, knowing that this turning point means leaving behind a lot of things I cherish-- quality time and conversations.

After months of struggles and pains, I finally hear the voice of God in my ears. All this time I have refused to listen, but God's love is stubborn. He has not given up on me. He has stayed beside me and has waited until my heart and ears are opened.

Christian friendship, after all, is not bound by this world's standards. Friendship is much much more than physical proximity or acquaintance. It is a fellowship and must, above all, be pleasing to God.

I have struggled with this form almost a year now. Finally, I have braved the turning point.


Teach me to be a good Christian friend. Let me bring smiles on my friends' lips and joy in their hearts. Use me Father. Let my friendship be a testimony, and may it lead more and more people to you.


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