Gus Blan

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Seraphic Lair of the Sonata
Gus Blan the Angelic, offspring of the Choir of Ron-Sax, bearer of the Flute of Gaea, gifted with the Voice of Cosmos, gave the Light’s first triumph against Las Bra-in’s Seliks.
In the Seraphic Lair of the Sonata, he received a vision from Gaea trough a mournful song of death. Moved by the sadness of the notes, he perceived the rise of evil and the collapse of t Light in the Kingdom of Ext Rados. True to his fears, in the Barracks of the Kingdom, the rise of darkness engulfed many of the Legendary Army of the Light. The death of the essence of the army and the dark influence of Las Bra-in prompted Gus Blan to warn the Temple of Balance.
He headed off in the dead of the night to the very essence of the kingdom to warn the Elemental Knights of Equilibrium. Llaryod, the Trusted, bearer of he Armor of Wings, called his fellow knights and prepared for the coming of the corrupted Minions of Selik. Not long after the last of the Sphere of Torches was lighted, the shadows, veiling the night in blackness, began to pierce the rays of the moon.
Silence stood between the Minions of Selik and the Elemental Knights of Balance. Las Brain shot the first Arrow of Vileness trying to hit the Crystalline Orb of Prayer, but the Circle of Light shielded the orb and brought the vile arrow hurtling back into the Minions of Selik. The battle for Balance began.
Through the night, the kingdom never saw the raging battle at the Temple of Balance. Neither King Leo nor the Druids of the land saw the rise of evil in such short time. The Elemental Knights of Equilibrium, armed with the Earth’s powers, fought with all chivalry against the butchery of the Seliks. The tilt of balance moved slowly to the side of darkness. Strength failing, wound spurning, the knights found their powers insufficient to curb the forces of darkness.
When all hope seemed gone and the forces of the Temple of Balance were drifting to inevitable defeat, Gus Blan, son of the Seraphic Lair of the Sonata, filled the air with the music of peace. Note per note, the Requiem of Gaea, echoed Princess Ranasha’s grief over the corruption of the kingdom. Two hundred thousand corrupted Radosians were healed by Gus Blan’s music that night, causing Las Bra-in to flee for his life.

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