I should be finishing a news story right now, but there's just not enough information to fill the gaps. That's how news writing works. It needs all the information to make up for the dry literature that it is (Yes, I know that news is not literature).

I'm doing it for a sister in Christ and as practice for my news writing skills. The lead's alright and the succeeding paragraphs will do, but I can't proceed with the rest of the story. I'm walking with my eyes open in pitch blackness. My pupils are struggling to get all available light (there's none, actually) into my eyes to help me see a newspoint worthy to be sprinkled here and there. I just can't find one.

To write a good news, I need to experience what I'm trying to write. But I haven't and that's a BIG problem. Complete information is the best substitute for experience, but the most important details are still waiting to be deciphered. There's a lot to do. Although I love challenges-- and this is really a challenge for me-- I can't move forward. I can't do anything with my news article.

It isn't supposed to be like this. I'm staring at my laptop's screen but there's nothing I can do. Is it me or my training? Now, I can't write without consuming information from credible sources. I can't write without understanding everything about the topic. I can't write the way other people do. I'm trained to write the journalist way-- research, read, understand, interview, structure, write, read, rewrite, rewrite, rewerite...

As one journalist puts it, "the essence of writing is rewriting."


Give me the right words.
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