I paused to scribble a message and this was what I first made:But it can mean just anything. It can even be the first letter of any word. What do I mean? I scribbled once more and this was what I got:
Now it's making sense. I want to say something. Probably to express an emotion?Or maybe I want to tell something about myself. What do I want to say? I continued to scribble and finally here was the last of the three:
To a sister in Christ, I am sorry. What a rude way to repay your kindness and love. How insensitive can I be of your feelings. I can only wish I have not done what I did. But I have. I can think of nothing else but to ask for forgiveness and to pray to God for forgiveness.

You do not deserve the pain I gave you. I should have been wiser in my actions. Shame on me.


Oh Lord,

Forgive me for causing pain in the people I love. Forgive me for forgetting and for refusing to obey. I lay this at the foot of your cross and still lift my hands to praise you-- For teaching me to be more sensitive and discerning.

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  1. Aw, Pao. I hope things get better between you.

  2. pau,again,wala na yun.;) inuulit ko,appology accepted and I've said, God taught us a lot from that event.Let's thank the Lord.:) masaya 'ko sa pagkakaibigan natin.:)

  3. Okay na po Kuya Lance don't worry. Thank you po :)