Today, my 2nd semester finally ended. After three months of sleepless nights, rantings, heartaches and worries, the semester is finally closing. Praise God for His grace. Praise God for His love.

In a few minutes, I will be riding home to San Fernando for five days of rest and spiritual retreat. I really need to straighten my path, of course, with His help. The end of the semester drained me of my wits and energy. With group works demanding so much time and effort, I struggled to balance my academic life and ministries. I admit, I lost track these past weeks, and it's only now that I'm regaining sight of that cross where His blood was spilled. I miss Him so much. I miss the intimate moments we had together, the quiet times when I cried out my worries and anxieties in prayer and He answered with encouraging words from the Bible. I miss those times. I pray that I'll be able to have those times once more this summer.

Speaking of summer. Today, I also received my beat assignment for the internship and it's in the farthest corner of NCR-- SOuthern police district (Paranaque, Pasay, Makati, LAs Pinas, Muntinlupa, Taguig and Pateros) My first reation was, "What!? I don't even know how to get there. Oh no."

This summer is going to be a big adventure. Please pray with me as I struggle to balance my acad life and my leadership role in DCF, not to mention my love story with JEsus. :) These will be all for His Glory!!!! Amen.!!!
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