A sem that never ends

And I thought my semester has finally ended. Just now, however, I found out that my professor is using a monitor with a different aspect ratio, making our final website a mess before her eyes. Now I'm wondering whether to change the aspect ratio (whic is a lot of work once more) or to simply ask her to view the website using a computer with the right ratio. Haaaayyyy...

Oh Lord, when will this end. :(
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  1. Or maybe he/she's viewing it with a different browser, like IE, which tends to destroy web layouts. Try recommending Firefox, Safari or Opera.

  2. Hi Kuya Lance,

    I already asked my professor to view it using Firefox. We found out that the elements are in place but the pages are just too big for her screen. So, most probably, it's the aspect ratio that's causing problems. Haaay... It's okay, though. UP's not UP without these roadblocks. (Smiles) :)