With Friends Once More

I just came from the birthday celebration of the first girl I courted. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with old friends. A lot has changed and I can't help but wonder why I chose to leave them behind.

Still, I praise God for the time I spent with them. I surely missed these guys. I'm looking forward for the next reunion, maybe next year or so. I'm also glad to have shared the Gospel to one of my friends. It was purely God's work for the questions she threw were questions I knew how to answer. God made me remember and He gave me the right words at just the right time.

My heart is burning with passion right now. I want what I'm doing. I want to share Christ. I want to go out and care for people. I want to help the lost, to love them like how Jesus did. I thank God for giving me this passion. I'm eager to finish college and to start full-time ministry.

I know I haven't prayed much about this, but the desire is so great, even greater than my desire to pursue journalism. The zeal is growing stronger and stronger everytime I think about it, or everytime I live it out.

Oh, how I long to be fully in the service of my Savior. I really hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me to the right decisions. There is another ministry I'm considering. For now I can't disclose it, but I know God can use me mightily in it. I really have to pray about these things, seriously.

It's amazing how a single party will affirm and confirm my passion to serve God. I pray that He will honor this desire and enable me to obey. I long to see my friends all kneeling before the throne of the Father, worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. And I long for my family to also belong in the family of God. These are the great prayers of my heart, and I know God will answer them according to His glory and will.

All praises to Him.
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