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It takes so much of me to continue to witness homosexual behavior eat into the fellowship. I have prayed about this and I know God will use my blog for His glory.

For almost two years now, I have been immersing myself into the topic. I have been researching, reading, watching and listening. I have heard almost every argument from both sides-- those who say it is okay and those who stand by the Bible and say homosexual lifestyle is sin.

From all my researches, I see a trend which I will not deny bothers me. Proponents and activists of homosexual behavior are getting more and more aggressive. There are now "Christian Churches" saying the Bible perfectly agrees with the behavior. The biggest blow perhaps is in the rift within the Anglican Church on this very topic.

We also have the Metropolitan Churches--gay churches-- preaching that God approves for those with homosexual orientation to live a life of homosexuality. I thought such churches existed only in the United States or in the more industrialized nations. But a quick search through the net revealed that there are already Metropolitan Churches in the country. In fact, they have been administering same-sex unions because Philippine laws neither agree nor disagree with such.

I can feel that in the future, this skirmish will evolve into one of the biggest controversies the Christian Church will have to face. And I wish to lend my blog and my knowledge on those who continuously seek answers on the issue. From this day forth, I will be adding answers on the great debate on Homosexuality.

Some may think I now belong to the throng of bigots condemning homosexuals. I stand my ground and answer, no. We think that those who tolerate the behavior are those who truly love and understand and care for the homosexuals. I dare say this is wrong. Because those who truly love them are men and women who will fearlessly say the Truth about homosexual lifestyle-- those who engage in it will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

My utmost concern is the spiritual well-being of men and women under homosexuality. Take God's Word, it is not the here and now that matters, it is the eternity up ahead. Those who say it is perfectly right and good to indulge in the homosexual lifestyle appear to be guardians of equality, freedom and human dignity. In this world, perhaps, but they unknowingly seal the fate of men and women to eternal separation from God.

You will not tell a child to go and play with a knife when you know it can cut and hurt him. But because many do not know what it entails to surrender to the desires and lusts of homosexuality, they tolerate it and even encourage it. The knife will wound the child but the wounds will heal. Homosexual lifestyle, on the other hand, will bring a person farther away from God, and this, for eternity.

I am here not to add condemnation but to call out, to invite all those who are struggling with homosexuality to consider what God says about it. I am willing to face a barrage of insults because of this decision, but it is out of love for all of those in such disposition that I will continue to blog about homosexuality.

I believe God loves the homosexual and He calls out to them to be free from the lies of the disposition. But God is also clear. He will not tolerate the homosexual lifestyle. He condemns the practice of homosexuality, for it is contrary, in all respects, to the design He has established.

It is my fervent prayer that we Christians will realize that our ministry to the homosexuals, more than anything, means helping them understand what God says of the issue. I disapprove of all those who shout out insults during gay pride marches, or those who wield banners and placards with slurs and offenses.

There are betters ways to address the issue than these. I am firm with my stand against homosexual lifestyle and practice. But as to how we deal with it, I believe God calls us to be compassionate and loving in truth. How do we do that? My share is through this blog. An open forum where views may be raised and opinions shared. A place where the Word of God, the Truth may be preached.


I offer you this ministry. Make of it what pleases and glorifies you. May it be a help to those who are seeking. May it bring understanding to those who are looking for answers.


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