God is great

I cannot help but write about God's greatness. I appreciate everyone who congratulated me, but I bring all the glory back to my Creator. It's really not about me. It never was about me. All the achievements and the awards are nothing compared to the love of God and His free gift of salvation.

I really cannot explain how I feel right now. I am torn between the joy of graduation and the sadness of parting ways. The last four years have been very challenging, but I've learned a lot. I'm willing to live through those years one more time.

I'm not making any sense right now. I just want to write. I just want to express my joy and gratitude. I want to praise God and thank people. I want to tell everyone about His love and grace and goodness, and how He desires to have a relationship with everyone through Jesus.

I pray I may be able to say all these on Sunday. I pray that God will give me the right words. :) I know He will and I'm excited :) Weeeee....
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