Invitation and dorm

Me and my brother gave out invitations today. I had the chance to chat with my former principals in CKC and CCNK. I enjoyed the quick conversations and realized how much I'm indebted to them for the molding and learning in my younger years.

I was expecting to see my teachers, but they were not around when we went to CKC high school. I met only Ma'am Mangaoang and some of the non-working staff of the department. They were on a half-day schedule for the rest of the week because of the ongoing enrollment.

We trooped to the elementary department next and I met Ma'am Eligio and Sr. Lara. It's always a joy to come back to CKC elem because I always feel at home there. Our last stop was my preschool, Capitol Church Nursery Kindergarten. I'm not really sure if they still know me, but we gave them an invitation nonetheless.

I'm glad that I can be reconnected with my past friends and teachers tomorrow. I hope and pray that we will have a good time together, and that I may also share God's goodness to them.

I'm still praying for the dorm admission. To those who aren't accepted yet, don't lose hope. Know that the God we believe in is a God who is in control. Trust Him. :) God bless you!
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