Praying for a better Quiet Time again

My quiet times were great and wonderful last week but I can feel the downturn coming. It starts with sin and continues to isolation, ending with desperation.

I don't want to go through the cycle again. If only I have the strength and the power to will myself to offer everything to God, I wouldn't be struggling with even the most basic of Christian disciplines.

But the reality is, I am human and I am susceptible to sin and temptation. But I can't stand it anymore. I can't face my Savior every week just to ask for forgiveness for not doing this or for doing that. It's not healthy anymore. It's painful and disappointing.

My prayer this week? May the Lord be gracious unto me and give me the passion and excitement for His word.

May I be worthy to teach His word and to stand in His presence pure and holy.

I seek Your grace, Lord. Amen.
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