God is moving in Burma

God is moving in Burma.
Finally, Aung San Suu Kyi walked out of her detention house a free woman. This after being placed under house arrest by the ruling Burmese junta for 15 of the 21 years since 1990.

Daw Suu, as the local Burmese call the famous democracy icon, had been a suppressed voice for changed in the impoverished Asian nation. Her charisma has not faded, however, as she called on her countrymen to "be patient" while they work out reconciliation and genuine democracy as a people.

"Please do not give up hope, there is no reason to lose heart," she was quoted as saying to thousands of brave supporters who showed up outside the old headquarters of the National League for Democracy in Rangoon.

There is a long way ahead for Myanmar. The freedom gained by Daw Suu is a great leap but there is another freedom we need to be constantly praying for the Burmese-- freedom in Christ. 

I have never been to Burma and my closest experience of the nation is through a friend living in the University of the Philippines' International Center. She also longs for change in her country. What kind of change, she did not describe but perhaps she longs for what everyone longs for-- the end of poverty, progress, health and shelter among other basic human needs.

Through her I saw the real challenge. I could not sit watching millions get deceived by the lies of the world while missing their greatest need-- Jesus Christ-- and the root of all their problems-- Sin.

It is not easy for the world to understand. But God Himself chose the suffering servant and His message on the cross-- a stumbling block to the Jews and a foolishness to Gentiles-- to shame the world's wisdom. Thus, it is not through what the world offers that we may gain Christ. It is only by grace through faith in Jesus that comes from God.

I pause today to pray, asking the the Holy Spirit to move mightily in the lives of the Burmese, and to burden Christians in the country to be bold and Christians throughout the world to be bolder for Jesus.
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  1. With respect to you. We have the same struggle with police junta only in Ukraine. We are young students. We want you to share with us their experience.

  2. @ Sichi: In the Philippines, we also experienced the Iron Hand in the 70s. But with God's grace we toppled the dictator in the world-renowned EDSA People Power Revolution, a peaceful and bloodless uprising.

    I will pray for Ukraine.