My first fellowship for the sem

Maynard leads the devotions in Ipil-Yakal's very first fellowship this semester.
 From his exhortation,we  were reminded to store up treasures in heaven,
treasures that have eternal value.

There is trust in a fellowship. It is fueled not by familiarity nor confidence but by the blood of Christ.

Everyone can open up in a fellowship because in the company of the condemned, there is no condemnation. We are all fallen beings and judgment is not ours to give.

I praise God for allowing me to be part of Dormitories' Christian Fellowship. I have learned a lot from the many experiences I had in this organization. But I praise Him more for allowing me to offer my life in His service through this group. 

I attended my very first fellowship this semester with Yakal and Ipil. It is always refreshing to be with brothers and sisters in the faith, especially the ones you missed dearly. We shared our experiences and also assessed the previous sem's meetings.

I am blessed by all the reflections and suggestions given by the group. It really helps to hear the insights of everyone because they make the discussion more meaningful and fruitful. We have committed to help improve our fellowship this semester, and by God's grace I know we can.

But to connect my introduction with the body of this blog, I am blessed by the openness of a brother. I am humbled by the trust he has given me in sharing something so painful and difficult. I had an extended fellowship with him and I don't regret sitting by his side, listening to his stories. He said he was blessed; I am blessed more.

I pray that I may be able to minister to him as best as I can. May God help me and strengthen me in this task.

To Him be all the glory and praise!
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