August Reunions

It's raining hard outside because of typhoon "Mina" and we're out on our second "batch reunion" at UP Technohub. This monthly escapade was Del's brainchild. She said we'll get in touch better if we meet on a regular basis. I guess she's right because the "reunions" gave us the opportunity to catch up on our DCF batchmates, pray and encourage one another.

There were five of us who came-- Maynard, Del, Darlene, Maelen and myself. Our mini-reunion was spent sharing experiences at work or the lack of it while eating dinner at KFC. Mike was absent because his younger brother is sick and he has to take care of him.

Jet and Dado were together at the airport. They accompanied Jet's mother who flew back to Iloilo after a surprise visit for her birthday. Kath was busy finishing work-related papers. Joan was just too far away to afford a visit. Ate My, Ate Gina and Ate Lucky were out of reach. I pray that more will be able to attend next meeting.

Here we are before ordering dinner.

Here we are while eating. I ordered the traditional one-piece KFC classic chicken. Del and Maynard ordered this delectable chicken with white sauce and corn. I can't remember the name but the taste embedded itself in my tongue. I promised to order it next time. :)

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  1. Wow Pau! Accounted lahat ah, si Mitch lang hindi! hala ka! :)) -mike