Ate Maket

Ate Maket loves to cook and we in the sunset service delight in her God-given talent.
When Kuya Armin saw me taking a stolen shot of Ate Maket, he said, "I have a feeling I'll see that photo in your blog." He's right! I purposefully took this photo to accompany my short entry about Ate Maket.

I first met her a few years back through the Discovery Meetings, our church's apologetics ministry. She was very motherly and soft-spoken. I couldn't help but remember my grandmother when talking to her, not because she was old but because of her aura. I feel very homey whenever she's around.

When Ate Maket and Kuya Armin began attending the sunset service more often, we had more interactions and conversations. That was when I learned more about her life and spiritual journey. She was very outspoken and her experiences were really humbling.

During one training session, she shared how the Lord slowly broke her youthful pride and indifference to draw her to Him. She said the barrier between her and God when she was still an unbeliever was apathy to spiritual things. She thought she did not need heaven or eternal life because she felt she would never die! But God worked in her and transformed her slowly into Christlikeness. And today, she is an Ate or Tita or Mama for many of us in the sunset service.

Ate Maket often cooks for the sunset service. We enjoy everything she brings for the attendees. Tonight she prepared pasta alla carbonara, much to our delight. She paired this up with what I think was wheat bread, but I'm not so sure. Suffice it to say that the the bread and pasta were a perfect match.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to you, Ate Maket!

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  1. She probably doesn't remember me anymore, but I got to taste the food Ate Maket cooked a couple of years ago, during a DCBC Christmas concert at Engineering. Ang sarap nga, Pau. :D

  2. Kuya Lance baka kilala ka pa ni Ate Maket :) hehehe Pero ang sarap nga talaga niyang magluto :D