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I graduated from a journalism school but I really don’t like writing. It had been a while since I last wrote anything in my blog. I always promised myself updates and short posts but I could not keep up with procrastination. I just don’t feel like writing.

Why am I writing, then? I don’t know. Maybe I just want to add something in my blog? Or maybe I can feel the resurgence of my writing juices? I really don’t know, but I hope it’s the latter.

The second semester of AY 2011-2012 is almost over. It was a challenging year for me in ministry. There were tons of struggles and challenges but God is indeed faithful. I would have never survived except for His abounding grace and mercy.

This is the time when I just stop and marvel at His wisdom. Even if I read hundreds of books or listen to thousands of podcasts, nothing beats the hands-on experience in ministry. After almost one and a half years in the ministry, I am understanding my mission field more and more. I pray that I can put more of my thoughts in this blog again.

Here are some prayer requests:
1. Pray for healing. I have cough and colds after joining the Beach Missions last week.
2. Pray for the second batch of Beach Missionaries who are going to Pundaquit starting on April 4 to 9.
3. Pray for God’s leading as we re-start the academic year. May we be sensitive as a church and a ministry to His will and Spirit.
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