This is a poem by John Dhaeyvid Laserna that speaks much about the struggles of humanity. It reminded me of my own struggles and my God who stood by me throughout. :)

I opened my eyes for the first time
And there I see a nail on my flesh.
It pierces my body,
And also my heart, and also my soul.

My day is accompanied with Pain
From this nail lodged on my flesh.
Six times I tried to remove it,
But seven times I failed.

Pain mocks me, and strikes his weight to my wound.
The nail goes deeper, as Pain grows stronger,
Until my screams fade away,
As the hammering sound deafens my echoing hurt.

So I pleaded to my Father to remove the nail
But He said it is with my flesh.
Nevertheless, I felt comfort
For His words salve the wound.

But I know at the end of my day,
Pain I will no longer feel
Because the night will come, and sleep will come.
And my Father will remove the nail from my flesh.
-JD Laserna

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