Henry and Calvin in Filipino

For those who have been following my project on the "Juan Bible," I finally got a response from the publishers. I can't continue translating the footnotes without infringing on the copyright of the owners. I've been expecting that answer from the start, but there's no harm in trying.

However, I am still determined to continue with my project. I may not be able to use the notes from the most recent Study Bibles, but I still have the classic works of early reformers which are now in the public domain. I am going to use John Calvin and Matthew Henry's commentaries for my project. Because the two works vary in their presentation of their notes, I'll be merging their ideas whenever necessary.

My desire to help the Filipino church remains. As such, I'll begin my humble attempt to translate Calvin and Henry's Bible commentaries for the benefit of Filipino pastors and workers in the provinces.

I know that the Filipino church was gifted with the English language, that's why it benefits from the numerous resources from our brothers in the English-speaking world. However, God has placed a desire in my heart to remember my Tagalog-speaking brothers and sisters who can benefit much from resources in their native language. I believe that this desire grew slowly from the missions trips I've joined in the Southern Luzon, a largely Tagalog-speaking area in the Philippines. I'll write more about this next time.

I myself come from the Northern Luzon, a place where Ilokano is the main language. Though I was educated in English, I figured that there are things that I understood most clearly in my native tongue. I believe that this project can also have the same effect. Because Filipino is the national language of the Philippines, I believe that resources in this language can greatly help in the maturity of the Philippine church. I'm offering all my work for the Glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom!
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